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Disclaimer: I received a Merino Wool Buff® to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro  (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I admit I never quite understood how awesome a Buff® was until I had one, now I want more!   Can I have all the pretty colors?  Also, if you’re like me, the extent of your knowledge of Buff® was what you observed on Survivor over the years.    #facepalm

Ok, so a little knowledge from the website- the Original Buff® is a tubular,  multi functional piece of head wear.  The Merino Wool version I received is a wind-resistant and lightweight layer made with 100% merino wool, it also has natural moisture management and odor control properties.   It can be worn so many ways!!   Full disclosure- I’ve only mastered 2.  😛

Ok, my thoughts.   How have I run through winters without a Buff®?  My ears are kicking me!  My ears get so cranky in the cold!  I’ve never been able to keep them warm enough before and not cut off the circulation to my brain.   When I am not using it around my head to cover my ears, I love it around my neck.  I don’t think I would have made it across the Golden Gate Bridge without breathing through my Buff® during my last half.    I’ve become rather attached to it, it comes with me everywhere.  I realized it’s in my purse every day!   I’m looking forward to trying it at the gym.  I am hoping it solves my dilemma between a headband and a towel that I inevitably always forget.   😛

The only drawback I’ve encountered is that I must be overly sensitive.  I think it could be a little softer but I also find that’s something I am adjusting to the more I wear it.    From what I’ve read, this opinion seems to be isolated to just me.   Definitely not going to stop me from wearing it all winter long.  I think it’s going take the place of my trucker and keep my ears covered, nice and warm.

How do you stay warm on the run?

What is cold for you?


13 thoughts on “In the Buff

  1. I’ve always seen women wear buffs as headbands, but didn’t know that’s what they were called until now.
    I sweat loads. Maybe, this is just what I need. Thanks for your review!


  2. I put one on my Christmas list because I’ve watch you wear this one and it looked great (I never watched Survivor). I have a beanie for my head and ears – but struggle to keep my neck warm – and the ability to breathe through it has me all over that!


    1. I used it to breathe through last night on my run, it was awesome! Granted, I still feel a little weird running like that so I would pull it down for a while then push it back up. 😛 I’m adjusting to this dark running thing, slowly but surely, baby steps!


  3. I have a head-wrap that is basically a wider headband that covers my ears, but I find myself tugging at it while I’m running to keep covering my ears because it slips. I’ll definitely check out a buff. It seems like it wouldn’t slip around and would be much more versatile. I’m a cold-weather wimp!


    1. It barely moves at all which is rare for headbands on my head. If I took more time to fold it a little better it probably wouldn’t move at all but I admit I am lazy. 🙂 I really need to buy a second one so I can have one for my head and one for my neck. I used a beanie last night so the Buff could be around my neck and I kept having to pull the beanie down.


  4. I have about five buffs. They’re great. Additional (gross) use- you can wrap your phone in it in order to shove it down your sports bra when you don’t have pockets. Not that I’m speaking from experience…of course x


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