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Happy Friday!!!

By the time you read this, I will be one shift away from 16 days off.  16, people.  16.   Ordinarily I would say I was afraid I was going to lose my mind but it’s been a long year.  This may be a vacation I can handle.  I know I need a few days with no alarms or deadlines.

It may only be December 2 but I have been watching non stop Christmas movies for weeks.  I can’t stop!!  They are so cheesy and I love it!   Now if only I could figure out what to do on the Christmas gift front.

Does anyone else get cold feet?  I mean literally.  My toes are frozen all the time!  I need thicker socks!

I made it out for my second night run!  Made it 3 miles this time.   It ended up being a very slow progression.  😛  Man our sidewalks are uneven.   I was bundled up in tights, tank, long sleeves, my Buff®, a beanie, gloves, reflective vest, and a flashlight.   A woman passed me at one point; she was wearing shorts and a dark sweatshirt.   One of these things is not like the other.

Starting next year, work won’t be open on Saturdays anymore, well for the most part.  While kind of awesome, it’s also odd.  Don’t get me wrong, I may miss the occasional odd half day but I won’t miss working Saturdays.     Or the trek to that location.

Speaking of that night run, sorry to everyone I blinded with the strobe light on my flash light.  Apparently this blonde can’t operate a flashlight properly.  😛

Also, WordPress has recently dumped a lot of the blogs I follow so I’m hunting you all down again.  So if you get another follow from me again, hi!

16 days.  I keep coming back to that.   How long until the boredom posts start coming?

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9 thoughts on “Meandering Musings

  1. Wow 16 days off, crazy!! Our last vacation I had a few days with no plans and no alarm. It was incredible to wake up whenever. It was awesome napping with no alarm. Its the simple things in life lol.


  2. Fun stuff – cool you are out there running, but it can be dangerous for any number of reasons … uneven sidewalks are definitely one – though mostly we don’t have any sidewalks so I deal with uneven road-sides!

    Strangely my feet don’t tend to get cold when I run … heck, I can use basic ProCompression socks when it is -20 outside. But my HANDS, ugh – that is annoying how cold they get, and how many different things impact whether or not they are cold. Weird.


    1. I usually avoid the sidewalks because they are so uneven but I figure I am pushing my limits with the night running as it is, putting a little more between me and the cars is probably a good thing.

      I swear my toes are cold all the time now. I wear two pairs of socks around the house. I may start running in two pairs too. 😦


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