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Week 46: Well, I Tried?

Upcoming Races-

*Oakland Turkey Trot- (Thank you BibRave!) 11/22

Last week was a little up and down.  Not gonna lie, I am a little stressed.  Ok, maybe more than a little.   I feel a little under water but lazy at the same time.  How does that work? 

The time change is adding to that as I have yet to run after work since the change.  November and December are traditionally my lowest mileage months.  However I just signed up for something in December that means I need to get my tush in gear.   More on that soon.

So what did I do last week?  No, wait, what did I do?

Monday- 5K
I love days off during the week.   I was a little concerned how this run was going to go as it was my first run in over a week.  Oops.  It was surprisingly pretty decent.   There was a little bit of smoke in the air but it wasn’t bad and my run felt decent;y paced.

Tuesday-Shaun T workout
As much as I love 3 day weekends, the Tuesday back is chaos.  This was no exception.  I managed an at home workout and oh boy did it kick my ass.   I was toast.

Ok, so maybe the reason the previous nights workout felt so hard was because I wasn’t feeling well.  I actually went home early from work.  Say what?  I was still in denial though.  I was blaming my stomach.

Thursday- Sick
Ok, maybe I really was sick.  Once again, I went home early from work.  Damn it.

Friday- Liift4 workout- mostly
I still felt crappy but I made it through the full day of work.  I was feeling super sloth like so I attempted Liift4 once I was home.  I just went really slow and modified the hell out of the HIIT work.   I felt like I sweated some of the funk out.

Saturday- 5 miles
I had originally wanted a real long run but with slightly smoky skies and a lingering feeling of crappiness I decided not to push it.   I headed out in the late afternoon and even though the weather apps all said it was good to run, the skies seemed smokier than that.  However my lungs felt great.  What??  This was actually a pretty awesome 5 mile run.  I finished it by dancing out the last 1/4 mile in public.   The only downside to this run was that I somehow paused my Garmin in the beginning so I under recorded by 1/4 mile.  Boo. 

Sunday- Shopping
Shopping counts as cardio right?  I planned on finishing the day with a hike but ran out of daylight. Womp womp.   However I did pick up some shiny new kicks, so all was not lost, right?

So that’s like 8.1 miles for the week and 2 cross training workouts?  Better than the previous week and could have been worse since I was sick but it was still kind of crappy.

How was your week?
Are you Turkey Trotting this week? I have the Oakland Turkey Trot (virtual)!

Rambling On 21

I haven’t rambled in a while.  😛

I’m so glad it’s Thursday but I needed more time in this week.  Does that make sense?  I may have over extended myself in November and didn’t quite figure it out until it was too late.    I also didn’t manage my time too well.  That’s all on me.  And it’s not like I was spending it running.

I had an interview today.  Second time I’ve thrown my name in the ring for something in a little over a month.  This is a leap.  I want it.  So of course, before my interview I realize I forgot to print off an extra resume.  Then just before I go in I notice a huge hole in my new heels.  WTH?!  So, of course, that’s on my mind for most of the interview- keep your foot angled in a way that hides the hole.  Grrrrr.

Run Laughlin is this Saturday and I’m super bummed to miss it for the second year.  I’ve never been a bucket list race kind of person but I really want to do this race.  If you’re in the area, you still can and save 20% with BIBRAVE20.  Then tell me all about it.  😉

Not that my leg could handle 13 miles right now.  I took 7 days off.  No, wait….8!  I just had to count on my fingers.  That’s not a good sign.  Maybe I need some sleep.  I haven’t been sleeping well either.  Too wired.  See what even missing my measly running miles does to me???

I am so behind on your blogs-I’ve read, I just need to comment.  I think my computer and browser hate me right now, I have maybe 30 tabs open?   It’s ridiculous.  My plan to get all squared away by end of day Thursday.  I can do it!  🤞

How are you? Share a random!



Meandering Musings

Happy Friday!!!

By the time you read this, I will be one shift away from 16 days off.  16, people.  16.   Ordinarily I would say I was afraid I was going to lose my mind but it’s been a long year.  This may be a vacation I can handle.  I know I need a few days with no alarms or deadlines.

It may only be December 2 but I have been watching non stop Christmas movies for weeks.  I can’t stop!!  They are so cheesy and I love it!   Now if only I could figure out what to do on the Christmas gift front.

Does anyone else get cold feet?  I mean literally.  My toes are frozen all the time!  I need thicker socks!

I made it out for my second night run!  Made it 3 miles this time.   It ended up being a very slow progression.  😛  Man our sidewalks are uneven.   I was bundled up in tights, tank, long sleeves, my Buff®, a beanie, gloves, reflective vest, and a flashlight.   A woman passed me at one point; she was wearing shorts and a dark sweatshirt.   One of these things is not like the other.

Starting next year, work won’t be open on Saturdays anymore, well for the most part.  While kind of awesome, it’s also odd.  Don’t get me wrong, I may miss the occasional odd half day but I won’t miss working Saturdays.     Or the trek to that location.

Speaking of that night run, sorry to everyone I blinded with the strobe light on my flash light.  Apparently this blonde can’t operate a flashlight properly.  😛

Also, WordPress has recently dumped a lot of the blogs I follow so I’m hunting you all down again.  So if you get another follow from me again, hi!

16 days.  I keep coming back to that.   How long until the boredom posts start coming?

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Why Worry

Warning- this was a little disjointed before last weekends’ race now it may seem even more so.

I’ve been a little all over the place lately.   I don’t think I’m in a funk at the moment but I feel it getting closer.   Maybe that’s why I fixated on this damn song so quickly.  It’s not like it’s awesome but it’s been bouncing around my brain and finding ways into this blog and my Instagram over the last month.   I need to figure this out so I can branch out the music options a bit, hehe.IMG_9363I’ve been so tired lately and things just ache. My head, my legs, my ankle, etc.   My stomach responded to the new medication for a bit but then decided that was just a trick.  Even I am sick of talking about my damn stomach.  But on that note, I see my gastro again next week so maybe we will try something new, fingers crossed.     Oh, I dream big, don’t I?   🙂

As for my aches and pains in my legs, I know it’s not overuse.  Despite my goal of 1000 miles this year, my mileage has remained average and steady.   Like I wrote in my February recap, I am not going to break myself to hit some arbitrary mileage number.   It wasn’t until writing that statement that a light bulb lit up in my head.  Even then, it took a while to turn on.  Kind of like the way the original compact fluorescent bulbs used to warm up slowly?   That was me.   But once the idea was there I couldn’t shake it.  I fought with myself on every run because while part of me realized it was something I needed, it also made me feel like a quitter.   That or I was admitting defeat.  A part of me still feels that a little bit.

Where I am going with this?  Re-assessing goals.  I set a goal to break 2:00 in the half this year and I am not changing that goal.  It will happen this year but it is no longer my goal for SLO.   While I am loving my training plan for the sense of direction that it gives me, I am not 100%.   SLO is 37 days away now and I still haven’t figured things out stomach wise.   I almost skipped Wine Country because I was afraid it might interfere with the goal to break 2:00.   I finally decided that was not a good enough reason to pass on one of my favorite races.  Turns out, running it was the better choice.

I’m also changing my plans for SLO because I want to have fun that weekend.    I want to enjoy the expo and not worry about how much walking I am doing.  I want to enjoy the ambassador meet and greet and meet all the new ambassadors.  We are tentatively planning to all do dinner that night and I would like to not worry about how what I eat will affect a huge goal the next morning.   I want to enjoy the amazing scenery and crowds that are a part of this race.  Don’t get me wrong, I am running that half to the best of my ability and I will have no complaints if I PR.   But whether or not I do will not color my view of that weekend or my performance in a negative way.  I had enough of that in 2014.  IMG_9785

I love running and want to continue to improve but I am not going to lose the fun that I find in it as well.  So, yes, a part of me feels like a quitter taking a step back.   I also think this made more sense before I pulled off a 2:06 at Wine Country.  However I made the decision to push my goal back before registering for Wine Country.  So maybe the reason I ran it well was because I wasn’t stressed.   Maybe I put forward my best time since October 2013 because I finally remembered that one of my strengths running wise is in not stressing.    Well and being healthy, but I think I’ll actually break 2 before they figure out what’s going on with my stomach.  Ha!    I am sticking to my training plan because I want to improve as a runner long-term not just for a short-term goal.   This way I won’t want to cry when I am nowhere near the prescribed pace for 400 repeats.    Give me some time and I will nail those paces.   Before last week I was nervous about the hills at SLO-  now- bring em’ on.

So, tell me your thoughts?

Good choice- bad choice? 

Is this quitting or being smart?

Do you have another song co I can get this one out of my head?!