Rambling On 21

I haven’t rambled in a while.  😛

I’m so glad it’s Thursday but I needed more time in this week.  Does that make sense?  I may have over extended myself in November and didn’t quite figure it out until it was too late.    I also didn’t manage my time too well.  That’s all on me.  And it’s not like I was spending it running.

I had an interview today.  Second time I’ve thrown my name in the ring for something in a little over a month.  This is a leap.  I want it.  So of course, before my interview I realize I forgot to print off an extra resume.  Then just before I go in I notice a huge hole in my new heels.  WTH?!  So, of course, that’s on my mind for most of the interview- keep your foot angled in a way that hides the hole.  Grrrrr.

Run Laughlin is this Saturday and I’m super bummed to miss it for the second year.  I’ve never been a bucket list race kind of person but I really want to do this race.  If you’re in the area, you still can and save 20% with BIBRAVE20.  Then tell me all about it.  😉

Not that my leg could handle 13 miles right now.  I took 7 days off.  No, wait….8!  I just had to count on my fingers.  That’s not a good sign.  Maybe I need some sleep.  I haven’t been sleeping well either.  Too wired.  See what even missing my measly running miles does to me???

I am so behind on your blogs-I’ve read, I just need to comment.  I think my computer and browser hate me right now, I have maybe 30 tabs open?   It’s ridiculous.  My plan to get all squared away by end of day Thursday.  I can do it!  🤞

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10 thoughts on “Rambling On 21

  1. How’s the new mattress?
    And totally random, my boyfriend moved in last night. We have discussed it for almost 6 months – but no rush for it to happen – but then a couple of things happened this week, we discussed the possibility on Tuesday, and then Wednesday morning it was decided and we loaded his stuff up last night and brought it over. We go back and meet a friend of mine tonight for the bed & washer and dryer. Literally 12 hours after deciding, it happened…
    I’m not freaking out. I’m not freaking out. I’m not freaking out. 😀 😀 😀

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  2. Fingers crossed for you interview! And I’m quite sure nobody was even looking at your shoes, so stop worrying about the hole 😉


  3. Good luck with the potential new job! My random- I find it funny that “snow” is falling on your blog site, but yet you’re in southern California where it doesn’t snow!


  4. Oo! A new job at your current place or at a new place? Where was the hole on your heels? So odd. Random fact: I’m sitting at an auto shop waiting for my car’s oil to get changed. Boo.


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