Run to the Music 5

Christmas Edition!

Now while I may have been watching cheesy Christmas movies on tv since November, it takes much longer for me to listen to Christmas music.   I am still barely listening to it.    That said, I am getting closer and closer to being ready for Christmas music all the time.

I have over 400 Christmas songs but I love these. So odd, I know.

Running to Christmas music can be kind of tricky though, it doesn’t always give you the beat you are looking for.  This is coming from someone who has over 400 Christmas songs on her iPod ranging from traditional to house music.  I dragged the above playlist image out of the archives- 2014!- hasn’t changed much, so here is one of my favorites to run to –

Wizards in Winter-

Can you run to Christmas music?

What is one of your favorites?


7 Comments on “Run to the Music 5

  1. I don’t run to music in general, so … 🙂

    But I love Christmas music, though I am much more of a traditionalist:
    – We will listen to ‘Music Choice’ on Time Warner cable, and had something similar back in Massachusetts before we moved – it is a tradition and you get all of the really bad pop Christmas versions alongside the classics.
    – Have a double-CD collection of Bing / Sinatra / Nat Cole that I bought in the mid-80s (I was early to the CD world) that we still love.
    – ‘Sing Along With Mitch’ – I am not sure if a more ‘square’ album was ever released.
    – ‘Crescent City Christmas Card’ by Wynton Marsalis – great jazz versions that really preserve the original intent.
    – Amy Grant’s Christmas Album (her first, whatever that one is)
    – Also love Harry Connick Jr, and have couple of his Christmas CDs.


    • I think I have the digital version of Bing, Sinatra and Nat Cole. This just made me wonder if I have any Amy Grant, and if not, how is possible?!? I must go investigate. I also have to admit that I have no idea what ‘Sing Along with Mitch” is.

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      • Perhaps missing out on ‘Sing along with Mitch’ isn’t really missing out :). It is just one of those things that was popular when we were kids, and therefore still resonates with us as sentimental while the kids find it laughably cheesy.


  2. I never really run to Christmas music. There’s just something about it that doesn’t scream “RUN!” and I need all the motivation I can get to walk out that door for my run. Haha my favorite would have to be Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you.” I could probably run to that one. 🙂


  3. I don’t often run with music and I’ve never thought to run with Christmas music. I think it’d fun for an easy paced run though 🙂 Jolly running!


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