Dear Santa

Santa Sweetie

An oldie but a goodie from back when I was more creative then I am now.  What happened?  😛

*Same disclaimer as 2013- no one sue me over this, I have no money but you’re welcome to my bills if you want them.  😛

Happy Wednesday and first day of Winter!!

What’s on your Christmas list?

4 thoughts on “Dear Santa

  1. My Jawbone broke, and I’ve decided to join the Fitbit crew… dug out an old Fitbit Charge HR to get me through.. but Fitbit Alta… now that’s on my list!

    Plus… BOTH of my running shoes have hit their mileage limits, and even if Runtastic wasn’t telling me that every time I run, I still could tell… so I’m going for a new pair next week. I have the following on my list to try: New Balance Zantu; Mizumo Wave Catalyst and Wave Hitogami; and Sketcher: Go Run. Sketchers were my first pair and I loved them, so we shall see!


    1. I have a Fitbit Charge. Sometimes I wonder how well it works. Really that’s just when I am disgruntled with it pointing out how lazy I am outside of running. 🙂
      I’ve tried the Sketchers and returned them. I’ve considered trying the Hitogami but never actually have. I’m currently in Mizuno Wave Sayonara. I actually like them but I also haven’t run farther then 5 miles since November. Oops. Good luck with the shoe hunt!


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