Rambling On

I think I finally figured out what to call these random brain dumps.

Are we seriously only 3 days from Christmas?  How is that even possible? Just how? I’m not ready!

Between the cold front and my cough, my running has taken a huge hit.   I’ve decided to not stress on it for December.  It is what it is, I’ll run when it’s not 30 something and I’m not coughing up a lung.  I realize people are out there running in -bazillion and covered in snow but I’m a big baby.

I’m (trying) remaining optimistic and positive about the work situation but it’s hard when everywhere I go someone brings it up.  I had my quarterly check up with my gastroenterologist on Wednesday and we ended the appointment talking about the merger.   Really?

I’m working on my 2016 recap and I hope to have it up next week.  I also hope to have my plan for 2017 up the week after that.  That g word (rhymes with foal) is still a four letter word in my book. But that’s ok, I have a new word for 2017.

Holiday traffic started early.  This week has been rough.  I’ve been late every day to work due to slow or just nuts traffic and driving home? Forget it.  60 has become 40.  Boo.

I am anxious to get working on a training plan for my races next year, but I seem to have lost the book I was using.  Oops.  Blonde moment?  Or just Slacker at my finest?

Tuesday night was cookie baking night and I was proud that I ate less than one whole cookie all night.  Only to eat 4 yesterday.  Ouch.

I just found out there’s a Doctor Who marathon on for the next 3 days.  Why aren’t I on vacation now?!?!?!?! #nerdmoment

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How many cookie have you eaten lately?




14 thoughts on “Rambling On

  1. I had 6 cookies last night. But, they were small, so it was really more like 3. but they were bacon chocolate chip.
    Bacon. Chocolate. Chip

    I thought I was 12 miles to hit my running goal… then I realized i was 27 miles from my goal. If I do 3 miles every day until the end of the year I can make it. #runstreak. LOL

    And no, I don’t run when it’s below freezing. And I don’t consider myself a baby. First off, I don’t have good cold weather gear because Texas. And I know you don’t either, cause California. You aren’t being a baby. You don’t run professionally, there is no reason to judge yourself for not running when it is freaking freezing outside. So knock that crap off.

    Feel better, enjoy the holiday and enjoy pizza and cookies!
    Much love!

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    1. Bacon chocolate chip cookies… I so want to try those!!! I may need try making some in the future.
      I am way off my first yearly goal and I’ve accepted that won’t hit my second either. I’d have to run 7 miles a day for the next 8 days, um no thank you. There’s always next year right?
      Right?? What is cold weather gear?? I look at all my pants and wonder if I can put on more than one pair- they are all too thin for 20’s and 30’s. I need to get over my treadmill issues. But I also don’t want to be that person who is coughing while at the gym. That’s not cool for everyone else.
      Have a great Christmas!


  2. This isn’t happy random, but we were enjoying watching Jeopardy earlier this week and then found out that the woman who won several nights in a row to give money to a cancer charity … was actually dying at the time of filming and passed away before her episodes aired. Also that a number of big Jeopardy viewing groups used this as a way to remember her by donating money in her name to the same charity. Heart-breaking and heart-warming all at once.

    As for the weather – it is SO important to do what works for YOU, not to keep up with others or what you see on social media. Yeah, I am one of those “-bazillion” people … but that is what I choose to deal with in order to run outside. Just like everything else, we need to be smart and listen to our body – especially about running sick! So don’t be too hard on yourself.

    And a funny final thought – I follow a former news anchor from our area who just moved to Louisville … she is originally born in Toronto, lived and went to school in Buffalo, then moved to the Corning area (just as cold, less snow) before heading to Kentucky a couple of months ago. She was laughing at herself for complaining about the ‘unseasonable cold’, saying that although she spent her life in much worse, she has quickly adapted to the new area and no longer wants to be outside in sub-freezing temperatures!

    Enjoy Doctor Who … might have to seek that one out myself!


    1. I heard about that, it’s so sad!! I wish all the groups could have come together under better circumstances but hopefully the charity can put the money to good use.
      I can’t believe how long it is taking me to kick this dang flu/cold. I just feel so run down. The cough I know will linger for months thanks to my asthma but my throat still bugs my and I just feel so tired. I miss running. Sometimes I think I feel so crappy because I’m not running but I don’t want to push my luck and run in colder than normal temps.
      I love Doctor Who, I wish the marathon had been on when I was on vacation!


  3. I’ve had WAY more cookies than I’m willing to tell you. 😛 Something random eh? You already know this from our tweets, but I love Doctor Who. 🙂 My very first episode was “Blink.”


    1. I was doing pretty good on not indulging in sweets then there were the cookies. Tomorrow is cookie Friday at work so it will probably get worse. 😦
      I love Blink! I could watch it over and over again. I admit I have a pair of Weeping Angel earrings.

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  4. I pretty much only ate cookies at my family Christmas Eve fandango. There were just too many delicious ones tempting me! 😉

    Random? My right knee gave out on me 3 times today. It used to give out in the cold all the time, until I started running and learned ways to make it stop. Hopefully this isn’t a sign that I’m no longer A Runner, and just A Runner on Hiatus!


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