Rambling On 13

Happy Friday!  Who is ready for the weekend?

Anyone have long run plans?

Sorry for so many questions right away but I need to run vicariously through you guys for a bit.    The doc gave me some antibiotics that combined with both my inhalers means I need to take it easy for a bit.   Grrrr.  My gastro knows to prescribe things that won’t mess with running but my primary doc is a little…um anti running and I was so miserable I didn’t think to ask.  Stupid Slacker.

Scenes from my last failed run

At first I figured it was just the pharmacist being overly dramatic so I mentioned it on Twitter.  People responded that it actually happened to them! They had torn tendons while running while taking antibiotics.  WTF?  It’s real?   Ok, I got it, crawling for the foreseeable future.😒

I don’t know if I have a 2 hour “long walk” in me.        That just sounds… ugh.  

So, perk me up… what are your weekend plans?

20 Comments on “Rambling On 13

  1. OH no that sucks!!
    I’m attempting to get back into my running this weekend after several failed attempts!


  2. Boo, I’m sorry to hear you’re sidelined for a bit! I’m *hopefully* running 9-10 tomorrow, but my right foot has been cranky this week, so I don’t plan to push it. Anything above 5 would make me happy.


  3. Sorry to hear you’re dealing with that. I’m running 10 on Saturday and I’m thinking about sneaking in a non-training plan 3-4 miles on Sunday morning. I miss my Sunday morning running buddies so much, but goals.

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    • I should be doing 10 on Saturday too, boo. Running with friends is great, I wish I could do it more often. I am interested to see how you like your training plan. I’ve contemplated it before for a half but with the marathon coming I am keeping all my options open.

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  4. Omg! A torn tendon sounds awful. Yes, let’s prevent that if possible. I’m supposed to do 8 miles on Sat and 16 on Sun, but I’m racing AFC on Sunday . I don’t know if I’ll have it in me to do an extra 3 afterwards.


    • Right? When I posted on Twitter just to whine, I left out the tendon part just to test the waters. Like I said, I was hoping the pharmacist was exaggerating. Then I started getting responses from people saying they tore a tendon because they either didn’t know or pushed it. Yikes!
      16 is at long run pace though, your 13 will be likely be faster than that so being a few miles short won’t be a bad thing.

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        • Sometimes the lower mileage is better for you. Especialyy if you are still feeling poorly.

          Last pill on Sunday. Supposedly it can linger for a month or 2. I figure as long as I take I don’t run while on the pills and take it super easy next week and maybe no speed work for a weeks, it’ll be ok. I am questioning my trail race on September 9 though.

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          • Oh no! Maybe take it super slowly on the trail race? I’m feeling a little better, but I’m still waking up with sore throats so not sure whats going on. My runs have been feeling pretty tough the past two days. Bleh. Good luck easing back into the running thing. Is this a thing with antibiotics in general or just the one you’re taking? No one told me this.


          • I think I am going to downgrade to the 5 miler but I am still on the fence. It’s certain strains of antibiotics. Once I looked into it more I remembered my gastroenterologist talking about the side effect before. He would never prescribe it for me because he knew as a runner I was high risk. But by the time I went to my primary doc for the UTI I was so miserable I didn’t even think to ask.

            You’re in week 10 right? That’s about when the overall fatigue just hits. At least that how it seems from everything I’ve read from everyone who makes it this far.

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          • Awww. Yeah, if it’s a risk, I wouldn’t do it. It’s also trail so uneven surfaces right? Yeah, I’m in the 10th week now. Good to know I’m not alone. Hopefully I won’t experience more fatigue as the weeks go on. lol I guess I’ll just hold on until the marathon.


  5. A torn tendon from medication… wow. Never knew, but glad I know now! Take care of yourself. And that scares me what you said about week 10 in your comment… yikes. Time to up the vitamin C, 😃


    • Something about the way it treats the infection also weakens your tendons. I didn’t mean to scare you! She is also using Hansons to train though and that’s a very high mileage plan. I broke in week 10 so I never really felt the fatigue like I was supposed to. I dropped to 3-4 runs a week and just tried to hold on😂. This is why I’m looking for a less intense plan for Big Sur.

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      • Oh, yes, of course! Hanson’s! It was the last run of that plan before taper when James hurt his back… but he had to run up a progressive hill for 4 miles. A very hard plan… It wiped him out. I didn’t know you had tried it too. But dang, I’ll bet it made you faster. I mean check you out… limited running a few weeks before your last half and you still nailed it!! 💪


  6. I’ve been contemplating 9, but it’s been a while since I’ve gone long so I’m not sure if it’s wise.

    Feel better!


  7. had never heard that about anti-biotics, wow, hope you start to feel better…but a doctor that’s anti-running, time for a new doctor 🙂 feel better soon!


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