Rambling On 24

Last ramble of 2017.

I totally just zoned out on the page…oops!

Every year I tell myself to take the week after Christmas off because things always seem to go completely screwy at work and I end up feeling a little ragged.  This week was no different.   Someone remind me of this next year.   Please.

I am behind on my 2017 wrap up post…but if it is still 2017 can you really be behind??? Hmmm.🤔

This week has been weird, sick dogs- Zoey went to the vet, sick coworkers, houses literally on fire- not mine. Like I said before, a screwy week.

Anyone racing on New Years?  How about a Polar Plunge?  I have both options available actually but I don’t think either are likely.    A jump in the ocean doesn’t seem like the best idea for the sore throat and cough that I currently denying exist.  Nope, don’t have time for that.

However, the 3 day weekend sounds very nice.😀

Share your random.

8 thoughts on “Rambling On 24

  1. No way no how would I ever even consider a Polar Plunge, lol. I can’t get warm as it is, so I certainly don’t need a dip in the frozen lake to finish me off, :D. Hope you have a lovely 3-day weekend and a very Happy New Year!


  2. I have no racing plans for New Years. I started decreasing my miles, but I’m going insane because I have nothing else to do. I started packing for Dopey. All of my race outfits are in ziplock bags. Have a happy new year!


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