Big Sur Marathon Training-Week 17

Just like that, it was race week.

I swear that was the quickest 17 weeks ever.  Shouldn’t it still February?

With the race being just a few days away, I was being very careful with how I planned out my runs and the week.

Monday- Rest I forgot what else I did other than work.

Tuesday- 2.5 miles This was actually supposed to be 5K but I wore different shoes and I could that my legs were not happy with that decision.  So, I decided the smarter choice was just to make the run a little shorter.   Aren’t legs supposed to feel peppy during the days leading up to race day?

Wednesday- Rest No back to back running days this week.

Thursday- Rest I thought about running but I decided to get in a few last minute errands instead.

Friday- 2 miles I took the day off work to pack and get things ready to travel the next day.  I headed out for my shakeout run in the afternoon.  I almost skipped it, I just wasn’t feeling it.  Mother Nature had brought me a lovely visitor. 😒 However I made myself get out the door and get it done and it wasn’t bad at all.  I was glad I followed through.

Saturday- Travel day!  Monterey is not that far away even if I have to take the roundabout way due to Highway 1 being blocked by a large landslide so I was able to sleep in a bit before heading that way.   Packet pick up was about the only thing that went smoothly that day.  We somehow skipped lunch and couldn’t find anywhere to eat.  Then there was the hotel.  I swear I Map Quested it and it was with in walking distance of the race morning bus pickups.  Ummm, no. It was over 4 miles away, not traversible by foot and in a sketchy part of town.   To top it off, it sounded like a herd of elephants was staying in the room upstairs. 😒

Sunday- Big Sur Marathon Did I pull it off? Can I walk now?  Recap to follow.

31.02 miles for the week.

How was your week?

10 thoughts on “Big Sur Marathon Training-Week 17

  1. Nothing like Mother Nature bringing visitors when a marathon’s right around the corner…Just curious: do you cross-train at all, or do you mostly just vary the length of each run?


    1. Right? Talk about horrible timing.

      I used to cross train but I’ve gotten really lazy about it. These days I just change up my runs. Now that I’m past the marathon I’d like to bring it back so let’s see if I follow through.


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