Nerves on the Rises

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And I spoke too soon.

The nerves came a callin’.  Ok, they came slamming in.   My sleep patterns have gotten worse, if that’s possible  My heart rates jumps at random moments- I really need to stop looking at my watch.  Oh lord, what was I thinking??

Don’t get me wrong, I am excited for this weekend but right now the anxiety is winning.  I mean I was slower than planned in San Francisco, am I going to pull this off?

I mean- no big deal, right?


And most people would be worried about the part in the red circle.  But nope, I’m worried about the blue circle.  That flat is going to hurt.  I’m not a fan of flat.  But then this may make me change my mind about hills.

Oh and have I ever mentioned that I have a thing about bridges?  I don’t like them. Nope.  You may be thinking- but wait- Fallon, you ran 2 races across the Golden Gate Bridge. Yup and it was so damn fogged over with marine layer both times I could lie to myself about the whole bridge part.  And no, it’s not the heights part- it’s the bridge.   This bridge is gorgeous but I am a little anxious.

However, let’s focus on the positive- Mai, Aly, Martin and Diane will be there.  Other BibRave Pros I haven’t met will be there.  The views off of Highway 1 are amazing- I drove home via my tiny portion of it tonight just to calm myself down.   The Monterey Half remains one of my favorite races, if Big Sur is anything like that, I will be so happy.  I will need to carry an extra battery for my phone which I need to figure out but it’s worth it.

I have a tentative strategy for the race but it’s kind of crazy so I won’t even type it.

Wish me luck.

Any tips to help me calm down????

10 thoughts on “Nerves on the Rises

  1. Best of luck! No real advice, just ride it out and try to channel your nerves into the running. If nothing else, you will have hours to work through it!


  2. You so got this!!! I downloaded the app so I can track you – and then signed up for text notifications on top of it! 🙂 You have prepared, you can do this – and honestly, the worst that would happen is you fall off the bridge (I have the SAME fear), so compared to that, and DNF is nothing! 🙂 We love you no matter what!


    1. Awww, thank you Kate! I just keep trying to not think about the race and if I do I try to think positive thoughts. I don’t even like driving over bridges! I could probably never run New York- that many bridges?!? I would freak out at each one!


  3. Wait, is Mai SquadRunner Mai?
    And you are going to be fine! You have a beautiful race ahead of you that you are prepared for! I hope it’s a good day for you leading into race day tomorrow.


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