Rambling On 36

Join me for a ride on the funk train. 🚂

If only I timed these posts better, that number up there would be funny.  Welp, it still kind of is.

I’m in a bit of funk this week.  Not sure why.  It could have something to do with that number up there.   If this post goes up on time, it will be going up on my birthday.   Sometimes I really forward to my birthday, this year? Meh.

That same funk delayed some comment responses- sorry!

The fair starts next week.  How is that even possible?? It should not be fair time yet.  However, I am not complaining that fair food is almost here.  Funnel cake- yes please.  Now if I could just pull off the Florida Georgia Line tickets…

I’m debating a race on Saturday- just a 10K.  But it’s on the beach.   Remember that last beach race 2 years ago?  The half?  Asthma attack city.  I’m on the fence.  Thoughts?

I miss reading.  I used to read all the time but lately every time I pick up a book, I don’t seem to finish it.  This is something I really need to work on. Well I read plenty of fanfic online but I don’t think that really counts.😛

I have a training plan for San Jose, woo hoo!  But more on that next week… errr, the week after next.

I really should have asked for Friday off, why didn’t I do that?  Silly Slacker.

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9 thoughts on “Rambling On 36

  1. I’ve been struggling to finish a book too! It makes me bummed. I’m on week 4 of training for a half and it’s rouggghhhh! Hope you get out of your funk soon 🙂

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  2. Okay, weird – one of my goals this year was to read more, and I have read even less!!! What is up with that?? I bought a new book in the hopes that it would light a spark!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It is your birthday when I’m reading this! I love having you in my life and going through our ups and downs together! You are a super special person to me and I wish you the best on this celebration of your birth! 🙂 And, tell your mom I said hi, she gets a little credit too! 😀

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