Week 28-Holiday

Oh I am glad that training for San Jose doesn’t start for another week or so.

Last week was an odd duck.  Anyone else experience that?   A holiday in the middle of week just really threw me for a loop.   I didn’t expect that as I don’t have that problem with Thanksgiving?

I also made a medication change last week that may have wreaked a little more havoc than I had planned.   I was freakin’ exhausted- like so tired if I sat down and dozed off, it became more like a coma.

For example- the weather was perfect on the 4th of July and I meant to go for a long run in the afternoon but after a short nap.  Yeah, that “short” nap turned into almost 3 hours.  On the floor.  At one point, I apparently got up, walked into the garage, said something to someone and walked back inside only to go back to sleep.  I don’t remember that.

I also slept through all my alarms over the weekend.  I could not seem to make myself get up, out of bed and go for my long run.  Which was not good as it was over 105* both days.     So running took a backseat to sleep this week.  However after a week, I think I’m finally over the odd hump and can hopefully get back to something resembling normal next week.  As well as less caffeine consumption.

So what did I do?

Tuesday- 3.1 miles I was so damn tired, I almost bailed on the run.  Even once I started, I didn’t think I was going to make it past a mile.   I got a little more alert along the way and managed to finish 5K.  Then I went home and crashed.

Thursday- 3.5 ish miles  This run was odd.  It started out feeling super sluggish then the last 2ish miles felt pretty good but it just brought all my recent doubts and drama out and was not head clearing at all.  You can read about all those thoughts here.

So a little over 6 miles for the week.  Bleh.   Maybe I just needed a holiday.

Now if only the temps would drop a little at night.

How was your week?

6 thoughts on “Week 28-Holiday

  1. If the temps would drop a little at night here, I would be so happy. For us, the “lows” lately have been in the low 70’s. That paired with humidity around 80% or more makes for some hot, sweaty miles even early in the morning. There really is no good time to run.


  2. I just was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. That explains my chronic fatigue. I have been put on a Rx and hope it elevates my symptoms. It has only been 2 weeks it is hard to tell. Sometimes I can run without too much trouble but some days are really super hard.


      1. Did you just stop taking them or the doctor tell you to? I am on Nature-throid. I hope it helps too. I might start LDN in a few months as it is supposed to help with inflammation.


        1. I stopped taking it, my regular doc doesn’t know yet. I’ve been on it for a few years with varying doses but never really felt better. In fact a lot of things got worse so I figured I would try a little experiment. Problem is it will likely take a month to level out so we’ll see what happens.


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