It All Adds Up

As some of you may know, I recently decided to try and get a little more serious with a few things.

I picked a training plan, I started a 4 day a week lifting workout.

I’m making better food choices.  I no longer eat McDonald’s for breakfast every morning (yeah, I did that).  I haven’t had Burger King in weeks.  I’m eating less pizza and more fruit in my smoothies. Working on the veggies.

I’ve doubled my weights.  Only missed 1 liift workout. I’m 4 weeks in.

And yet…

The scale hasn’t moved.  Nor has the measuring tape.  I know, I’ve checked.

I wasn’t expecting miracles here, but come on- give me something here- a pound, an inch. Give me something!

I was feeling discouraged.

On Tuesday, I went for a run and wasn’t feeling it.  It was 95*, the skies were filled with smoke from far away fires and I forgot to bring a way to carry water on the run.    I told myself to keep it short and sweet, nice and easy, a slow 3.  I plugged in run/walk intervals with 30 second walk breaks just so I didn’t push too hard.

And yet…

The pace of those run intervals was something I hadn’t seen in quite some time. At least not with without a serious struggle. Each interval also continued to get faster without me pushing whereas the past few years had me fading in the end. My lungs weren’t on board with the smoke in the air but that’s asthma for you.😛

I also noticed more energy at the end of the Vintners 5 Miler- I wonder what I could have done without the hurt foot. Other training runs have had more consistent moments than usual as well.

So…. maybe things aren’t obvious but it all adds up. Baby steps. Don’t give up.

However I wouldn’t complain if the scale gave a little bit.😂

It all adds up.

7 thoughts on “It All Adds Up

      1. I know! I just discovered a pizza I can eat that is a block away from my house! This is going to make the veggies and fruit harder!


  1. Don’t get discouraged! When you change a lifestyle, results don’t show right away! BELIEVE me for two reason! 1. I used to be a personal trainer and the scale and measurements don’t change right away due to many reasons (muscle weighs more, water weight sticks around when you change your diet, etc, etc). 2. Personally, i’ve been through this very thing OFTEN. But I have to keep changing my mindset. I FEEL better even if the numbers are reflecting anything
    Keep at it!


    1. My water weight always sticks around, combine that with me never not being bloated and it’s all very frustrating. The last few years have been rough in the body image department and I’m just ready for a change.


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