Rambling On 40

40?? Hot damn!

It’s Friday and it’s a 3 day weekend- shout it out!

I am looking forward to some nice down time this weekend, I don’t know about you but I really need that extra day.  However I have to get through a race first.

I have a 5K on Saturday.   A “trail” race.  This race organization irritates me but I keep signing up for them.    I’m already cranky.  I have a feeling this “trail” race is going to be more golf course than trail.  I am really hoping I am wrong.  Only time will tell.   But things were off to a rocky start when an email went out months back saying -Surprise! Venue Change!  Oh and the 50 miler and marathon runners have all been bumped to the 50K and the 5 miler became a 5K.  Ummmm????  The only distance that stayed the same is the half but I am not in trail half marathon shape right now.  Although the last 4ish miles with a downhill elevation loss look like my favorite kind of trail.  Sorry -fire road.  Ok, I’ll stop being bitter.  Maybe I’m wrong.

I’ve wanted to try running in my new PureFlow’s again but with a race coming I didn’t want to aggravate the blister anymore.  Boo.   Thankfully, I think it is nearly all gone.

Just a dream

My October continues to get more and more insane.  I just found out my work trip may be 2 weeks.  I have 2 travel races.  I am currently only home 1 weekend and that weekend is potentially filled by a local half but then I found a trail race down by LA that looks super awesome.  Ever heard of Space Rock?  Someone tell me to stop!!!!!  I should stay home.   I should…. right?

What’s your random this week?

9 thoughts on “Rambling On 40

  1. On Tuesday, Boyfriend and I signed up for a 5k for Saturday. Since we aren’t doing San Antonio, we needed another race for our calendar! Then, Bogie forgot, yet again, that the month ended and another one started, so he had to change the SR mission – and Saturday just happens to be a 5k mission! So, maybe it’s okay that your “trail” 5k is more golf course – you’ll have bonus mission points as consolidation!


  2. Staying home is for wimps. 🙂
    And oh! I love those pureflows! I was going to comment on them last time too, because they look cool, but now I know what they are and want them even more. Are they a lot different than the 2s though?

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    1. Haha, 🙂
      These are the 7’s. I never ran in the 2’s- adored the 4’s and had multiple pairs. I absolutely hated the 5 though- only managed 40ish miles before returning them. These feel a bit more like the 4’s but I need a few more miles in them.

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