Week 2- Ouch

  • 2019 Race Schedule (so far):
  • 3/24 Oakland Running Festival (more to come)
  • 4/28 SLO Half Marathon
  • 5-4 Wildflower (Thanks BibRave)  Canceled
  • 8-11 Oaktown Half (Thanks BibRave)

Well, this will be short and not so sweet.

I ran 1.6 miles last week. One run, less than 2 miles. I DNS’ed my first race of the year. I “rested” my foot for the majority of the week and I can still feel it. Grrrr.

Let’s talk about the one run I did do.

Tuesday- I runched! It was about half walking and running as I was unsure how well this was going to work out. I gave myself 20 minutes to cover as much ground as I could without getting to sweaty. I made it all way to the Embarcadero and back. Wish I could have run more but I was trying to be gentle on my foot and with a 45 minute lunch, I had time constraints.

Thing about the work run…

Then once the rest of the week went downhill, I did what any sane person would do- decided it was past time for a bedroom refresh. Tore most everything out of the room, fresh paint, fresh fixtures and fresh furniture. Changing myself might be a difficult task but the room I spend a lot of time in? I got this.

Ever overhauled a room on a whim?
How was your weekend?

13 Comments on “Week 2- Ouch

  1. I would love to be able to do this. I’m so sick of my bedroom furniture I can’t stand it. I wouldn’t even know where to start with replacing the furniture though. Did you shop local or online?

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  2. I’m impressed you got out on a 45 minute lunch – I only have that too and find it too short to get a run in:(


    • I’ve never tried before because of the 45 minutes and the elevation gain. Knowing that I have to end with a 150 foot hill has always worried me about how I would recover hair and sweat wise post run. This time it worked out but it was less than 2 miles and a cooler day. I will try it again.

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      • Yes I’m halfway up a hill too, so not sure if I’d actually get any running done. I wish I could as I’m envious of people who can runch:)

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  3. Oh man, I used to LOVE changing up my room! Unfortunately I’m now on a strict budget, and also have to keep someone else’s opinions in mind. Ben is a lot more picky than I am. Glad you rested your foot, but I’m sorry it’s still bothering you. I’ve had foot problems before, and I know how frustrating it can be.


    • It’s irritating because one day you think it’s fine and the next it hurts again. Plus I am really over wearing my boring flats. I am realizing I spent a little more than planned. It will all be covered with my tax refund- fingers crossed- but I still went a little over budget and I am not quite done. Oops.

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