Rambling On 53- Moving On

As long as I’ve had this blog, I’ve worked in the same location and commuted on the daily. In the beginning it didn’t effect my running. In later years, I am not so sure. I really could just be that lazy. 😛

Prior to that I had somehow managed to work within a mile or 2 of home since I was a teenager. Numerous things changed over the years but I managed keep a short drive throughout. I hated long drives, who would want to?

Then I earned a promotion and transferred 30 miles away. And those 30 miles took between 45 minutes to an hour. Yet, I didn’t hate it. Suddenly things didn’t seem so far away. My temper calmed down too. Hmmm. It helped that I worked with some truly awesome people over the years.

On Wednesday, I said goodbye to those people and that office. Goodbye to some great customers. Goodbye cute little beach town, thanks for making me like the ocean. So long, nice, mostly regular breezy temps. But that also means goodbye to filling my tank so often as gas prices average in the 4’s these days.

Hello to opportunity. Hello, new office with other great people. Hello to a much shorter drive. Hello promotion. 😀

Also hello to a much higher average daily temp.

Change is hard, but also good.

10 thoughts on “Rambling On 53- Moving On

  1. For me, the hardest part of change is the unknown. I like to know what to expect but tend to get anxious when I don’t know exactly what to expect! Fortunately, you are amazing and are going to totally rock this promotion!


  2. Congrats on the promotion! And change is hard, but it is really good! And you will love the extra time and fatter pocketbook from not having to commute so much!


  3. Congrats on the promotion. Working closer to home is nice. Makes running a bit more convenient.


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