Rambling On 53- Moving On

As long as I’ve had this blog, I’ve worked in the same location and commuted on the daily. In the beginning it didn’t effect my running. In later years, I am not so sure. I really could just be that lazy. 😛

Prior to that I had somehow managed to work within a mile or 2 of home since I was a teenager. Numerous things changed over the years but I managed keep a short drive throughout. I hated long drives, who would want to?

Then I earned a promotion and transferred 30 miles away. And those 30 miles took between 45 minutes to an hour. Yet, I didn’t hate it. Suddenly things didn’t seem so far away. My temper calmed down too. Hmmm. It helped that I worked with some truly awesome people over the years.

On Wednesday, I said goodbye to those people and that office. Goodbye to some great customers. Goodbye cute little beach town, thanks for making me like the ocean. So long, nice, mostly regular breezy temps. But that also means goodbye to filling my tank so often as gas prices average in the 4’s these days.

Hello to opportunity. Hello, new office with other great people. Hello to a much shorter drive. Hello promotion. 😀

Also hello to a much higher average daily temp.

Change is hard, but also good.

oops!, Run!

Call Me Calamity

What do you do when a Sig alert comes across your phone saying that your route home is currently blocked due to a string a fires?

Well, first you stare dumbly at the phone.  Then you check the CHP website, followed by the local news sites, no one hurt- fires mostly contained but freeway blocked.  Hmmm, now what?  You adapt.    Running gear still in car from a failed attempt at running on Monday?   All right, time for a Tuesday run.

Running on Tuesday’s is odd.   Smashrun told me that only 7% of my runs are on Tuesdays.😛   I’d had a day where I was surprised I didn’t break something.  Slammed my fingers into things so many times I lost count, dropped things,  knocked my elbow, kicked things and popped my toes out of joint at one point.   That said I was looking forward to my first run since last Thursday.

I headed out for a run in work town.   The humidity was higher than I would like but there was no smoke so bonus points there!   It didn’t feel like a walk in the park after 4 days off but it felt so good to be out running.

That is until I hit a root on the path and went pinwheeling.

Seriously, my thoughts alternated between- “pull up!, pull up!” and ” I’m going down!”.

I swear I pinwheeled half running, half falling, arms swinging for almost 50 feet before I somehow pulled myself out of it somehow.    Then I came to complete stop, gasping for air- mostly out of shock- damn that jarred my whole body!   Geez- what else could I do to myself?  Shouldn’t have asked- I was only 2 miles into the run.  😂😂

I ran on to the turn around point and then made my way back towards my car.   Around  mile 3, I looked down at my watch once I got to a sidewalk. Only to look back up and immediately dance right. Holy sh**, phone pole in the face!!  No pausing this time, just running on to avoid embarrassment of both the pole face and some colorful language that escaped as now people were around.

Apparently I needed to be put in a protective suit on Tuesday.   😛  I finished 4 miles and drove home on mostly clear roads and tried to just not further injure myself.    Then I realized that it was my last run at that particular age so maybe I really wanted it to be memorable?  Ha! Or maybe I was saying goodbye to a hazardous year?  Who knows?

Ever have a hazardous run?


Goals, Run!

2016- Breaking Free

It’s that time of year!   Social media is filling up with goals and resolutions for 2016.   For runners, that often shows as mileage goals, pace goals, race goals, etc.  Along with all the other things we want to accomplish in the year to come.  So without further ado- here are my goals for 2016-




No need to refresh your screen, there’s nothing there.   I’m not setting goals for 2016.

There I said it.   I’ve had this post half written for months, talked about it with my mother, talked about it with my boss.   But clicking publish? Sharing it with a community who thrives on goals?  A community that uses hashtags like #goaldigger?  That was harder than I thought.   So let’s break it down.

I set goals in 2014 and 2015.  2014 was about 50/50 for goal completion.  2015?   I didn’t compete a single goal.   Not one.     2015 was a stressful year, and worrying about hitting some arbitrary mileage/pace goal wasn’t helpful in calming me down.    Feeling like I “should” run just to add to my total was harshing my running joy.   That’s just one example.   2015 also had it’s share of shiny and that will be up in my next post.

Now, this is isn’t to say that I don’t want to improve.   I do.  I will continue to search for the training plan that works for me.   I will do my speed work and my long runs.  I will enjoy my easy runs more.   I will still track my mileage and the paces I hit.   Just not for some random number total I pick because I think it looks good.   I want to become a better runner, but in a more natural, linear progression kind of way.    Because I enjoy running enough to do it often and not just because I should get in that extra 3-4 miles.  I will still recap my training and running, I like sharing with you all and I look forward to the feedback.  Between this blog and Timehop, I am able to look back at the way things have changed for me over the past few years.  I still like looking at all the numbers; I just need a break from the pressure of feeling like I don’t measure up.    I used to care less about how I measured up with everyone else and I need to get back there. Back to basics, I was there in 2013, can I find that calm again?


2014 started a ball of stress that grew and grew in 2015.   I felt like a boulder being rolled down a hill picking up mud along the way.    Some of the stressors are things that I am not currently in the position to change, others I can.  Starting with how I react to it.    I did a piss poor job in 2015.   Going forward, I want to focus on calming the hell down.   And turning to food less, but that’s another story.

I want to try to focus on finding the shiny in things in life.   Running should be one of those things.   Now I realize that most of my runs will be hard and tiring and there will still be days I want to quit but I used to enjoy the hard or rough days.  I haven’t in a long time.  I need to change my mindset and in order to do that “goals” and I are taking a break.   Goal has become a four letter word in my book, it’s joined the ranks of “potential”.  I dislike that word and try to never use it but that’s not the point here.


That last bit needs to be my new motto

Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having goals.   I just need a break from them.  Call it a trial separation.    Maybe this won’t work, maybe it will.  Either way, it’s something I need to do.  The journey to an improved Slacker starts now but goals are not invited on this road trip.

So, are you still with me or have I scared you all off?