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Call Me Calamity

What do you do when a Sig alert comes across your phone saying that your route home is currently blocked due to a string a fires?

Well, first you stare dumbly at the phone.  Then you check the CHP website, followed by the local news sites, no one hurt- fires mostly contained but freeway blocked.  Hmmm, now what?  You adapt.    Running gear still in car from a failed attempt at running on Monday?   All right, time for a Tuesday run.

Running on Tuesday’s is odd.   Smashrun told me that only 7% of my runs are on Tuesdays.😛   I’d had a day where I was surprised I didn’t break something.  Slammed my fingers into things so many times I lost count, dropped things,  knocked my elbow, kicked things and popped my toes out of joint at one point.   That said I was looking forward to my first run since last Thursday.

I headed out for a run in work town.   The humidity was higher than I would like but there was no smoke so bonus points there!   It didn’t feel like a walk in the park after 4 days off but it felt so good to be out running.

That is until I hit a root on the path and went pinwheeling.

Seriously, my thoughts alternated between- “pull up!, pull up!” and ” I’m going down!”.

I swear I pinwheeled half running, half falling, arms swinging for almost 50 feet before I somehow pulled myself out of it somehow.    Then I came to complete stop, gasping for air- mostly out of shock- damn that jarred my whole body!   Geez- what else could I do to myself?  Shouldn’t have asked- I was only 2 miles into the run.  😂😂

I ran on to the turn around point and then made my way back towards my car.   Around  mile 3, I looked down at my watch once I got to a sidewalk. Only to look back up and immediately dance right. Holy sh**, phone pole in the face!!  No pausing this time, just running on to avoid embarrassment of both the pole face and some colorful language that escaped as now people were around.

Apparently I needed to be put in a protective suit on Tuesday.   😛  I finished 4 miles and drove home on mostly clear roads and tried to just not further injure myself.    Then I realized that it was my last run at that particular age so maybe I really wanted it to be memorable?  Ha! Or maybe I was saying goodbye to a hazardous year?  Who knows?

Ever have a hazardous run?


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Adieu August

Recovery month, baby!

I admit I was hoping for more miles but it is what is, right?  Plus, considering I was afraid I would come off the marathon and never want to run again, I should count this as a win right?

I managed to pull off one 10 miler- double digits!!!- and one speed work session.   I had some decent weeks and a very small, little 4 miler week.     Considering the amount of smoke in the air from all the fires close by, my mileage was pretty consistent.

I ran zero races.  Which made me super envious of all the cool pictures and recaps I saw online.  😛.  So I compensated by taking lots of scenery pictures.

Work got a little crazy but I think I need to realize that it always will be.    That said, this week kicked my ass.   2 rooms flooded and we’ve been working with industrial blower fans running all day, every day.   I think the constant noise is making my brain liquefy.    I really wanted to hit at least 50 miles for the month but after an abbreviated run on Monday- hello blisters- my last chance to fit in miles was Wednesday.   By the end of the day, I felt fried, even the idea of changing into my running gear was exhausting.    In the end I decided hitting an arbitrary number wasn’t worth it, all I wanted to do was hide in a dark and quiet corner.   So I did and 44.14 was it for August.

Which brings us to September.   I am partially excited and partially in denial.   Excited because I haves races coming up!   First one isn’t until the end of September but it’s one of my favorite races and I am looking forward to it.  That being said, how the hell is it September?!?!?!    That is just ridiculous.  Seriously, wasn’t it just March?  Why is time moving so fast?  I can’t keep up!  Then today, my Instagram feed was full of Pumpkin Spice Lattes- slow your roll people!

How was your August?

Any plans for September?

What are you looking forward to ?


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Wobbly Wednesday

That was hard.

With having so many halves close together, I have big hopes for one of them.  The marathon gave me a little (giant) kick in the ass.   With that being said, I need to get said ass in gear and that means training.  Training means speed work.  So I busted out my Nike’s and waded into the shallow end tonight.

I headed to the lake path after work, I can’t even remember the last time I ran there.  I know I am still feeling a little sluggish and with mountains of smoke in the air, I knew it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park.   I still have all my Hanson’s workouts saved in my watch so I figured I would just use the one for 400 repeats.  I knew there was no way I was doing 12 of them like programmed but that’s what the lap button’s for right?    I was hoping for between 4-8 repeats.

It was my first time wearing my Nike’s since May, I stopped doing speed work once my shins went to hell.   I kept my warm up of 1.25 miles nice and easy, plenty of walking.  😛   Now, I haven’t raced a 5K since September 2015 so I have no idea what an accurate pace should be so I was optimistically aiming for an 8:45 average for the repeats.

#1- woah, this awkward, my legs are confused.   How do you run this fast?  How the hell long is 400m anyways?  Oh good, the watch buzzed.  Recovery time.

Full disclosure- I walked all the recoveries.   My lungs were a little pissed I was making them work this hard with all the smoke in the air.    My watch buzzed for my next run and wait what?  It said cool down mile and repeated 12 times.  WTH?  So I stopped my watch and started a new run.  From there on I ran by watching my watch and trying not to fall on my face at the same time.

#2- all right, feeling pretty good, maybe I can do 8

#3- Ok, this is getting harder, that last thought was a pipe dream.  Can I quit now?

#4- Yeah, smoke sucks.  Damn my legs are tired, how long is 400m again?  This is my last one.  Let’s not go crazy right?

All in all, 3.76 miles.    And the intervals?

Distance Elapsed Time Average Pace
.25 2:04 8:23
.25 2:10 8:48
.25 2:01 8:01
.25 2:03 8:07

I think I am more surprised that I kept the last 3 intervals at .25.  How did I do that?  And the intervals are too fast which might explain why I was huffing and puffing so much.   Also, I don’t get the variance in pace between interval 1 and 4.  They are only 1 second different.  Is my watch crazy?

It wasn’t a lot but it felt pretty good.   Now hopefully I can move on Thursday.  😛

And the county is on fire, the air is full of smoke, the lake is almost dry and yet I rounded a curve to see more green than I have in months.  What gives?

Is my watch crazy?

How is your weather?



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Fri- Yay! Thoughts

The weekend is almost here, woot woot!   I am so ready.  How about you?

How I will feel at closing time on Friday

My brain has been all a-jumble this week so I figured I would just ramble on a bit.  Join me for a stroll?

So you know how some people celebrate races by treating themselves to all kinds of food?  I thought I would be one of those people.  I mean I already have a messed up relationship with food- reward/comfort but that’s another story- but that’s not what panned out.  Instead I seem to have gone through a 3 week period of impulse purchases. Oops!!!    New shoes, new shorts, the transition towel, a 26.2 sticker for my car, a new planner and a little something else that I can’t wait to share.  To bad the projected time frame for delivery is 8-12 weeks.  Boo.

I’m still in that weird spot of wanting to grow my hair but hating where it’s at right now.  I’ve been thinking it might be time to dye it again.   So I took a pair of scissors to it over the weekend.   I now have bangs.  And they went a little 80’s on Wednesday.  Oops.

We’re doing a Biggest Loser type contest at work.  I figured a little motivation wouldn’t hurt right?  Oh man, I am losing so badly.   And I broke my scale.  Not sure how I am weighing in tomorrow.  Yikes!

And I thought the Soberanes fire was bad- the Chimney Fire while smaller is a lot closer and burning like crazy.   The air is full of smoke.   Town is full of firefighters.   The smoke is a little insane at times, my lungs are very cranky.  Serious thank you to all the firefighters.

I am on Olympic overload.  There I said it.    Can I have normal tv back?  I miss the news.  The news at 11 was my sign to go to bed, now I am all confused.I’ve been dvr’ing it and fast forwarding through a lot.  Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the dumb way NBC is airing things.    And some of the announcers are driving me bonkers.   #watchonmute

Instead of the Olympics, I’ve watched a lot of Bones.    It’s surprising how much I remember.

Stickers on cars- yay or nay?

Your thoughts on the Olympics?

Any plans this weekend?










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Recovery Week 2

I hadn’t really planned on another recovery week but well life right?

I was feeling very out of it all week.  I had troubles speaking and couldn’t seem to remember anything.   With working last Saturday and then the company picnic on Sunday, it just felt like the longest week ever.  I was just so tired and so ready for the weekend.   That said, this will not be a very long recap.  😛

Monday- Rest   I got a phone call Sunday evening from an employee calling sick.  With another one on vacation I knew the day was going to be straight chaos so I left all my running gear at home assuming work would run late.  And I was right.  I wasn’t completely lazy though, I managed to clean my car after getting home that evening.  I am embarrassed at the state that it was in.

Tuesday- Rest  Same situation as Monday.  However I also had a meeting in another town in the AM and I had the brilliant idea to wear heels for the first time in a month.  Oh my word, blisters suck.  Ouch!    I did make it home in time for #bibchat though.  I took advantage of a discount being offered and finally ordered myself the fancy transition towel I had been eyeing on the Orange Mud site for a year.    Monday’s car cleaning also aided in me finally clicking buy.

Wednesday-Rest I can’t remember why though.  I know I took my gear to work but didn’t run.  Hmmm.  I ate pizza though.  🍕🍕🍕

Thursday- 4.5 miles   Fully staffed for the win!  I taped up my blister and ran in home town.  It was a little warmer than I would have liked and I started out super cautious thanks to the blister but it turned out to be a pretty good run.    I have my watch set on 5 min run/  2 min walk intervals, I am trying that these first few weeks post marathon.   The first mile was super slow due to more walking and mile 4 somehow came in at 9:40.  Ummm, oops?  I think my new playlist may have been a little too inspiring.   I felt pretty good at the end of this run though.

Friday- Rest  So damn tired, is it the weekend yet?  We also started a Biggest Loser type bet at work and the scale really pissed me off this morning.

Saturday- Rest.  I planned on running, I was aiming for an 8 mile mid to long run and had been looking forward to it all week.  I could not get out of bed.  I stayed in bed past 3 alarms and could not get moving.  When I finally did get moving, I was moving like a snail.   Ok, running probably wasn’t the best idea.  So instead I headed down to SLO for some errands.  That included a stop at the Running Warehouse for some new kicks-

Sunday-8 miles.  I was still tired when my alarm went off but not like Saturday.  That said, I didn’t get started on this run until 9.  That was stupid.  I only took my handheld with 23 ounces of water- rookie move #2.  Miles 1-4 weren’t bad.  I was feeling tired but overall ok.  Miles 5-8 were a hot mess.  I was overheating, slowing down and having troubles with my asthma.  I couldn’t smell smoke in the air but a huge wild fire broke out nearby Saturday night and I figured that could be affecting me.    My mother met me at the halfway point, well that was the plan, I was so slow I didn’t catch up to her until mile 7.  Oops.   I just kept telling myself get to my car, get to my car.   It felt like forever but finally I was done.

I was glad to have completed the run but things went south in the afternoon.   I started to feeling very not right.   I couldn’t regulate my body temp and I was burning up.  I took the coldest shower possible and was chugging water.  I was coughing a little more than normal and couldn’t focus on anything- which is why this post is also a day late.  I texted my boss to let her know that I wasn’t doing so great.  For me to text my boss, things are bad.  At last check, I had 220+ hours of sick time available.  Which is now 8 less because I did not make it to work on Monday.

I am feeling a tiny bit better and hoping that it was just too much sun/heat on top of being overly tired that kicked my ass.  It was in the 90’s when I finished on Sunday which shouldn’t feel like a lot considering I live in Central CA but it’s better than the alternative.  That coworker that had been out at the beginning of the week?  Pneumonia.   So yeah, I am hoping for too much heat.

12.5 miles for the week.  More than the week before, that’s a plus right?

How was your week?

Do you keep your car clean?