Week 44- Oops

So, apparently I was stuck on week 42 for a while??? Like here and here. Oops.

You know how they say that if you want something put it out in the world? Well, there’s also the inverse- don’t jinx yourself. I was just rambling on about how I needed November to be better than October. And then I was taking my mother to the hospital at dark o’thirty on November 1. She’s out now, but things are still a little off.

Plus work has been a little stressful as we are interviewing for my location and have been running a little tight. I’m just going to be Thomas- I think I can, I think I can.

Monday- 2.7ish miles
There was a lot of smoke in the air but I was looking forward to this run. And it wasn’t too bad, yes breathing was a bit harder than I would like but not too bad. It would have been longer but a girl out walking spooked me on the path, then I spooked her going the other way and then there was a shady dog. So I called it at my car instead of running beyond like I usually do.

Tuesday- Nada

Wednesday- Poor Air Quality
I don’t understand the ways of wind but the fires burning 3 hours north and 3 hours south were pushing the smoke our way. The county was under an air advisory. There’s only so far I will push these whiny lungs.

Thursday- 3.1 miles
This run felt pretty good. It also made me realize that it would be last run after work in daylight. Boo.

Friday- Chaos
See above.

Saturday- Nada
I was exhausted. I sprung my mother from the hospital, picked up her meds and basically became a couch potato. My brain couldn’t process much so I spent my evening watching Hallmark Christmas movies. Which broke my vow of waiting until after Thanksgiving.

Sunday- 5ish miles
I needed the time change as I slept horribly. I dragged myself out for a few miles and chased Fall. Which is funny as it was 85*. It’s November and I was in shorts and a tank. I also kind of crawled this run but it is what it is.

10ish miles for the week. Could be worse, could be a helluva lot worse.

Just gotta keep moving.

How was your week?