My brain is like those last three dots.

Or you know when you ask your computer to do too much and you get the spinning blue wheel of useless?

The week started out good before Wednesday served up a left hook that I still haven’t fully processed. I’ve been a little overly emotional, napped a lot, ate more carbs than I should have and watched lots of repetitive TV. I do love Ridiculousness. Still don’t know how to deal though.

Back to Monday. With the day off work, of course I wanted to get in some miles. However, 15 minutes into my run, I knew it was a bad idea. I was too tired from all the miles over the weekend and my body was protesting… hard. So I called it with a short loop and headed for home. 1.67 miles for the day.

On Wednesday besides the sucker punch, I had an appointment with a speech therapist (long story) and after I needed a hard run. I was planning on running the lake path but when I pulled into the lot, there were just too many people. I was not feeling people. I was feeling like a hard, fast run with loud music blaring in my ears. Except I’m overweight, out of shape and forgot my headphones. Made it 3 miles.

By the time the weekend came, I was fried. I was torn between wanting to get lost (on purpose this time), eat a ton of food or sleep a lot. Napping and Lego’s won of all things.

I know this was a little all over the place and a little vague but that blue circle is still spinning…

5 thoughts on “Processing…

  1. I hope we learn what the sucker punch is soon and hope you are okay. Sometimes I know we have to process things before we can share with others – especially strangers on the internet.


    1. I still haven’t shared it with most of my friends. I think my brain has decided if I don’t say it out loud or type it, it will go away? Which I know is wrong but burying my head in the sand gets me a little farther along.


  2. I forgot to make my cold brew coffee last night.
    That blue circle was spinning in my brain all morning!

    I think the world is weighing on all of us.
    Work is home, home is work. People are going off the rails. COVID-19. We didn’t start the fire! LOL

    While I enjoy working from home and not having a 45-60 minute commute, there is something appealing about going back to normal.
    I think the inertia of a routine helps keep us on the rails.


    1. I think I thought that a lot of the stress would be easier to handle as my schedule didn’t change. I still go to work everyday, I still work with a full staff and see customers everyday. But I was wrong. Very wrong.


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