Stitch Life

I guess it’s fitting that my favorite Disney character is Stitch.

I had my second melanoma procedure on Wednesday and now possess a lovely row of stitches on my back. Basically just below my sports bra line. Yay. They told me to basically do nothing for 3 days and then nothing strenuous until the stitches come out. Is running strenuous? Haha.

I figured out a way to pick heavy things up at work that didn’t pull my back and I took 4 days off running. Which 2020 me would just call a normal week but I am trying to stick to my training plan here.

On Sunday, I started by just trying to put on a sports bra. Success! Then I tried for a run. Ok, things were a little uncomfortable. Combine that with the surprise 82 degree weather and I decided to be smart. I walked it all. At this point, my only real goal for CDA half is to finish it and maybe faster than the sh*t show that was Napa in 2020.

Walking let me enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. I also chose a different path then the same old one I’ve been running lately and found a tiny sliver of green and trails hidden in the houses. And unexpected water crossings! I miss dirt. I miss trails. That said, I still completed my “long run” for the week, all 5 miles of it.

Other things I learned in the last few days- I have the swallowing capacity of someone twice my age and it’s a problem. Well, I have been choking on food for the last 4 years but no doctors would believe me. Grrrr. So now I am seeing a speech therapist twice a week for what essentially equates to PT for my throat. Part of me feels it is needed and the other part wonders if I am getting scammed. Hmmm. Can’t decide which one yet.

Sunday night was the best, I had no alarm to set for Monday morning- I’m on vacation! Woo hoo!

5 thoughts on “Stitch Life

  1. You are doing great at getting out there and listening to your body. Looks like a great place for a “run.”

    If you have been choking, you probably aren’t being scammed. My dad had swallowing issues. They just told him to eat slower and take smaller sips of liquid. He was horrible at following those directions. I hope the Speech Therapy helps.

    Enjoy your vacation! Hope you have great weather and, are able to get out for more walks, and start feeling better overall.


    1. I have a feeling I’ll be like your dad… I’m not great with directions. I am trying this time though, the amount of money I’m spending on this is keeping me in check so far.

      Thank you! A heat wave came through… it’s been in the 80’s!


      1. I think the thought of getting choked would keep my in check and help listen to the doctor’s directions. I’ll do anything I can to keep from throwing up and being choked is the next worst thing. Good luck and I really do hope you can get it under control.

        Glad you are having good weather. April here is starting off really cold, but at least there is sunshine.


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