Not a word often used to describe me. Even more surprising when you factor in that vacation for me usually means a vacation from coffee too. What???

That said, last week was a good mix of doing nothing, sticking to my training plan and doing nothing. Wait did I say that already? Seriously though it was a pretty good week. I meant to write a post last week but I was just so busy doing nothing, it was a distraction.

When the week started, I had planned to stick to my training plan like it was written but reality saw me moving things around. With my doctor’s appointments and first service on my car, moving things fit my week better. And I added on the extra 2 miler instead of cross training. Woo hoo!

Actually, the 2 miler was the first work out errr, walk out of the week on Tuesday. I kept it close to home and quick. Well, as quick as walking can be. Only downside was a band aid malfunction. I’ve learned I am allergic to band aids-yay- and the sensitive skin ones have less than ideal sticking power.

Wednesday’s speech therapy appointment put me in the same town as the lake path so, yay! It was warm! Plan called for 3.5 miles and I know 3 laps around the lake is 3.5 miles. Instead of carrying water, I made my car an aid station and stopped when I needed to. My watch has been malfunctioning- I broke the dial- so sometimes it starts or stops and sometimes it doesn’t. Partway through my second lap, I realized it hadn’t started again and shorted me around 1/4 mile. So of course I had to walk an extra 1/4 mile to make up for it.

Thursday saw a rest day as my heel was sore. I need better work shoes so this is nothing new plus I had a few appointments.

Friday was supposed to be a hike but just wasn’t feeling it so I headed out for 3.5 miles at the river path. Where there was a nice breeze. I also had another band aid malfunction a little over a mile in so I turned around and headed back for the car. I hit 3.1 miles for the day instead. Grrr.

Saturday was supposed to be hiking and shopping… and it was! It was supposed to be a harder trail but I wasn’t feeling it so my mom and I headed for the Headlands trail. Very user friendly with views of the ocean- sign me up! All was good until almost 2 miles when I bottomed out. Occasionally I get what feels like low blood sugar attacks where I get real clammy, shaky and both feel starving and nauseous at the same time. Usually I have snacks in my purse but because this was an “easy” hike and the weather was nice, I had nothing on me. Not even water. Stupid. I leveled out enough to stare at the ocean some and get back to the car where I had fruit snacks, water and soda.

Sunday was an intentional do nothing day. Except instead of napping, I did some laundry and some cleaning and generally got ready to go back to work.

All in all, it was a pretty steady week. How was your week?

7 thoughts on “Consistent

  1. It sounds like a good week and I LOVE your pictures!

    I get those episodes of feeling like I have low sugar levels too. I’ve had my A1C checked and it’s always good. It’s a weird feeling. So, I’m like you and try to carry something with me wherever I go, just in case. I’m glad staring at the ocean for a while let you level out and make it back to the car.


    1. I thought I responded to this already, I’m sorry!

      It was a good week, thank you!

      What’s odd is I usually have those low swings at work… never while running. I’ve had my numbers checked too and they are always fine. Which annoys me because then why do I have those moments?

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  2. I wish there was an over the counter method to check your levels, for just these cases. It may have nothing to do with low sugar levels, but, since it helps to eat, you would think that is it. Knowing in the moment would be nice.


    1. I don’t think I have ever had the feeling while running. I have during a tennis match though and usually will eat a bite of a protein bar when changing sides and that’s all it takes. It is really weird.


  3. Consistent is my word of the year, I’m working really hard to be consistent on my morning routine, which means getting out to exercise and hit all my runs. But this morning I played my favorite game of get up like I’m going to run but instead go lay down in the back bedroom and sleep for another hour…


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