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Turkeys and Bear

This was gonna be the week, I felt it. This was the week I was going to get up an run in the morning before work. This was it.

Then Monday came. I’m not stupid, I knew I wasn’t starting this out on a Monday. I did set an alarm for the earlier time though and at least get up and check out the window to see the what the morning looked like. Then I dozed for another hour-ish. No the problem popped up on Monday’s lunch.

A bear!

Rumors of a bear roaming my side of town popped up on social media. Then the security videos start popping up. Nope, yeah that’s a bear. And way too damn close to my house. With my weird animal luck, even my coworkers were cracking jokes that I’d be calling in from the hospital.

Granted most of animal encounters are funny- mini horse, goats, feisty possum, runaway chickens, attack peacocks but there are still scars on my ass from the the worst of my dog encounters. So yeah, mornings were sounding less like a good thing. Ha!

It was a Thursday afternoon run this week where I again showed my proclivity for running into animals where they maybe shouldn’t be. I was heading up the concrete path and could see something moving farther up the path and it wasn’t human. Could it be peacocks again? No, didn’t look right. So I slowed and got closer. Wait, are those turkeys? Can turkeys be white?? Also they looked small. But smart. They ran farther up the path from me, snuck into the bushes on my left and doubled back behind me. Then popped out of the bushes behind and bolted down the path. What the hell?

A mile later, things were still weird. There’s a dog behind a stonewall but he and I have been chill for years. However he was going crazy and pogo sticking up and down so I could see his head just popping over the wall. Huh? Then I heard a little jingling. Look up the path and there is a small chihuahua running my way. It passed me and I could a pink bling-ed up collar and then it kept running. What? I turned around and tried to catch it but it dropped me like a track start and I couldn’t find it again. Grrr.

Oh but pogo dog and I shared a look- like “where the hell did that come from?”.

So yep, pass on the morning runs this week.

A Partial/ Awesome Fail

Had I written this yesterday I may have called it a major fail but I’ve had time to think on it.   🙂

I knew this past weekend was setting up to be a busy one.   With that in mind, I moved  my Saturday run to Friday and got in 7 miles.   Which turned out to have been a very smart choice.   Saturday saw a few errands in the morning and then getting ready to go celebrate NikeC’s birthday.  Ever have one of those days when you just don’t feel comfortable in anything to the point where you skin feels like it doesn’t fit?  Yeah that was Saturday… well, truthfully, that’s been the last few months but that’s another post.   I finally just went with it and headed out.  IMG_7837We went to a new-to-me restaurant.  In fact my only association with it previously was that my mom had parked for there both times I ran City to the Sea.  The food was so good, warm, fresh tortillas with apple cinnamon butter as a starter? Yes please.  Plus you can’t complain about the view-IMG_7823 IMG_7829It was a great evening with old friends and new ones that may have been capped by a milkshake at midnight.   I party hard, right?  Ha!

But that kind of leads into how running became a fail on Sunday.  While I have kept my calorie count in a decent place while on vacation, I indulged too often in foods I know shouldn’t eat- like milkshakes, etc.   And my stomach expressed its anger on Sunday, so running was out.   However I did get in 3 solid running days last week for 23 miles.  So, that’s not to shabby for me.   🙂IMG_8005Plus, Sunday ended on a cool note.  There’s a local organization that rescues wild animals and uses them to educate the public.  At my previous work location we would sometimes get random visits if they stopped in and had something cool in the truck.  For example- a bobcat kitten, a reindeer, a spider monkey, a raven, and a brown thing that I think was a lemur?    Sunday they had an event called Wild Lights.  They strung up lights, had a bbq, Santa visits and the animals got presents.    This was the first year and they seriously underestimated the draw- the place was jam-packed and they ran out of food quickly.  The animals were awesome.

Some engaged with the crowds and others looked supremely bored.   Or like they wanted to eat you for dinner.   🙂   The monkeys were spoofing the kids and damn lemurs can make some noise.  They all loved the presents, the lemurs tore the boxes open and enjoyed their popcorn and goldfish.   The tiger, like most cats, looked exceedingly bored.  That is until one of the workers walked by carrying a couple of gifts, he knew exactly what those were and wanted them, he stalked her through the fence.

Oh and a bear
Oh and a bear

It was sad seeing the ones that had been hurt but at least they had a home.  There was a giant eagle who wasn’t even tied down and had no cage overhead.   You could tell the one wing didn’t work anymore but he had branches and perches and ledges he could hop to and from.   He also looked as bored as the tiger.   Another bored one was my favorite and he was so big!!!


So the weekend may have brought fewer miles than planned but great experiences!  And here’s a link to a video my brother made-

How was you weekend?

Ever visit a rescue type operation?

What’s your favorite animal?  I love owls. 

Did the tortillas make you hungry?  I kind of want more.  🙂