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Missed the Boat

I feel like all I have done since February started is rearrange days on my training plan.  Which it says you can do but still, my little calendar is full of color from moving things around.   This week was more moving around.   I had a business mixer to attend on Thursday evening so I moved my 40-50 minute easy run to Wednesday after work.   It was also only 30 minutes.  However I am not at all irritated about that.  Why? IMG_9344I ran outside after work!!! Woo hoo!   While this was awesome, it also meant a shorter run since I was racing twilight.  Or in this case the marine layer.   I intentionally did not look at the humidity before I ran.  I knew it was high- hello ocean- but I was hoping outta sight, outta mind would apply.  While shopping in SLO on Monday I had picked up an obnoxious yellow long sleeve that I figured would work for the next few weeks when I run the work route.  85% of the route has wide shoulders or good sidewalks but the other 15% not so much.  In fact the road into the state park gets pretty sketchy.  I wanted to make sure I could be seen.    I knew I didn’t have a lot of time so I just ran to the state park and back.   I also abbreviated my warm up but you gotta do what you gotta do right?IMG_9289IMG_9342It was awesome!   Short and sweet and I got to see the boats and view that I had missed since last year.    Yeah, I was out of breath and had my asthma frog in my throat when I got back to my car but it rocked.     The frog could have been due to the 90%+ humidity (I checked after) or the fact that this is the elevation profile of my route from work-IMG_9343That hill isn’t huge but it kicks my butt every time.  Positive splits for the win!   But 3:36?  Haha, funny Garmin.  I can’t wait to run it again!  Moving my run actually worked in favor since my stomach was a jerk on Thursday.  I wore a very forgiving dress but I swear I was waiting for someone at the mixer to ask me when I was due.    😦

What’s a route you love?

Seriously though, what constitutes a hill?   Elevation or grade?  When is a hill a hill?

Anyone race today?  Or racing tomorrow?