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June Recap- Mid year Check In

In some ways June was awesome, in others not so much.   I started my #noexcusessummer plan on June 1st and stayed mostly committed.  I think I only took 5 rest days the whole month.  2 just happened to fall in the last week.   😦      I tried to not let the heat or my lack of sleep or even my stupid stomach get to me. I prevailed for the most part but this weekend kicked my butt.  I had a full weekend planned, work, 2 runs, a friend’s anniversary party, shopping, the movies plus the usual errands.  Saturday turned out to be a wash.  I got through work, completed my errands but soon realized that a run wasn’t likely.  I did the yoga dvd instead and it was not good.   It was all downhill from there and I did not make it to the party- horrible friend alert.  Shopping never happened either but I did make it to the movies (Transformers was awesome!) and was able to get in a sluggish 6 miles on Sunday at the gym.    I was feeling a little rough so I would run .9 miles at 6 and walk .1 at 4.  It worked pretty well for my stomach.

Monday, however was another story. After missing the planned 5 miles on Saturday, I wanted to follow through with the 5 I had planned for after work. It figures that the last day of June would be the day I felt the worst.   It was all I could do to make it through work.  I won’t lie I still thought about trying to run.   By 3:30, I knew it wasn’t going to happen but as added deterrent I received a text from my mother telling me to get over my ego and an email from NikeC telling me to rest. I get it, I get it!   So yesterday was a rest day.

What did my mother mean by my ego? I realized Friday that if I hit certain miles at each run over the weekend and Monday I would hit that impossible dream number that I never thought I’d hit in a month. But, as it was, I was 10 miles short, but still hit my highest mileage month yet-June recap

90.5!  What?! How did I do that!?

I had zero races in June but that was partially planned. I needed a break for a bit. I was feeling a little frustrated at how my last few races turned out.   I planned June to be a rebuilding month. Mission partway accomplished.   While I built a solid base of easy miles and some longer runs, I didn’t do any speed work. Waah waah. Hopefully July will involve some track time. Overall I feel like 84 of those 90 miles were solid miles. Even 2 weeks later, I still say that first 6 a few Fridays ago were just miserable. They were hot and ugly. Either way, I am still stoked about that number.


Month Miles
January 77.3
February 70.0
March 74.7
April 70.4
May 64.5
June 90.5

So at the beginning of the year I set a few goals. While I have not met any of the speed goals, my mileage is pretty solid. I set a goal of 750 miles for the year. At the halfway point, I am more than halfway there! Woo hoo!!! Now to keep it going, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

How was your June?

How has your year gone?

What are you looking forward to in July?