June Recap- Mid year Check In

In some ways June was awesome, in others not so much.   I started my #noexcusessummer plan on June 1st and stayed mostly committed.  I think I only took 5 rest days the whole month.  2 just happened to fall in the last week.   😦      I tried to not let the heat or my lack of sleep or even my stupid stomach get to me. I prevailed for the most part but this weekend kicked my butt.  I had a full weekend planned, work, 2 runs, a friend’s anniversary party, shopping, the movies plus the usual errands.  Saturday turned out to be a wash.  I got through work, completed my errands but soon realized that a run wasn’t likely.  I did the yoga dvd instead and it was not good.   It was all downhill from there and I did not make it to the party- horrible friend alert.  Shopping never happened either but I did make it to the movies (Transformers was awesome!) and was able to get in a sluggish 6 miles on Sunday at the gym.    I was feeling a little rough so I would run .9 miles at 6 and walk .1 at 4.  It worked pretty well for my stomach.

Monday, however was another story. After missing the planned 5 miles on Saturday, I wanted to follow through with the 5 I had planned for after work. It figures that the last day of June would be the day I felt the worst.   It was all I could do to make it through work.  I won’t lie I still thought about trying to run.   By 3:30, I knew it wasn’t going to happen but as added deterrent I received a text from my mother telling me to get over my ego and an email from NikeC telling me to rest. I get it, I get it!   So yesterday was a rest day.

What did my mother mean by my ego? I realized Friday that if I hit certain miles at each run over the weekend and Monday I would hit that impossible dream number that I never thought I’d hit in a month. But, as it was, I was 10 miles short, but still hit my highest mileage month yet-June recap

90.5!  What?! How did I do that!?

I had zero races in June but that was partially planned. I needed a break for a bit. I was feeling a little frustrated at how my last few races turned out.   I planned June to be a rebuilding month. Mission partway accomplished.   While I built a solid base of easy miles and some longer runs, I didn’t do any speed work. Waah waah. Hopefully July will involve some track time. Overall I feel like 84 of those 90 miles were solid miles. Even 2 weeks later, I still say that first 6 a few Fridays ago were just miserable. They were hot and ugly. Either way, I am still stoked about that number.


Month Miles
January 77.3
February 70.0
March 74.7
April 70.4
May 64.5
June 90.5

So at the beginning of the year I set a few goals. While I have not met any of the speed goals, my mileage is pretty solid. I set a goal of 750 miles for the year. At the halfway point, I am more than halfway there! Woo hoo!!! Now to keep it going, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

How was your June?

How has your year gone?

What are you looking forward to in July?


10 thoughts on “June Recap- Mid year Check In

  1. Awesome job with that crazy mileage!! I got an email from MapMyRun yesterday saying I ran just over 52 miles between January and June and I felt pretty proud of myself haha… clearly you’re killing it! Rock on!
    I have 2 races in July that I’m traveling for – one in Maine and one in Rhode Island – and I’m really looking forward to both of those. I ran the Maine race last year and loved having a weekend in Portland, and can’t wait to have a mini Maine vacation again!


    1. Thanks! All miles are good right? So yours are great too 🙂
      Oooh, Maine, I’ve always wanted to go there. I wonder if it really looks like it does in movies. Good luck with your races and enjoy the trip!


  2. Nice job on that mileage! That is awesome! Mine was woefully short of where I wanted it to be last month and it’s already looking like July will go the same direction. So far my year has been good though if you don’t count the injuries. 🙂


  3. Well done on your mileage! I managed to finally break my 101km and hit 108km in June ! I’m a little under 1/2 way my yearly mileage but am okay with that since I’m going to be training for a 1/2 marathon soon! I have no races in July – run,train and take care of myself 🙂


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