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Before we move on to the main event, this happened on Thursday and I almost missed it!  anniversary

If you want to read my very first newbie post, you can here.

I am a person who likes to register as close to race date as possible.  That way I know that I am going to follow though and not just throw my money away.  Yes, 90% of the races I run benefit some form of charity but still I like to actually run them.   This time I have left it even later than normal so I am calling on you to help me out.  🙂

I have 2 options for a 5k on July 4th-

**Neither race offers finisher medals and I have left it so late that I doubt I will get a shirt either, but both do benefit a charity.

Option 1–  Pozo 5K- my original choice


Touted as a flat and picturesque out and back course, this is its 22nd year.   It also has the steeper price and farthest drive.   Small field about 200 runners.  It offers raffles prizes and breakfast. Packets have to be picked up on race day.  It benefits a local charity that helps family with sick or injured children.

I had originally planned on trying for a PR at this race but I don’t feel like I am in the shape to do so.  According to last years race results, the slowest time was 40 minutes.  Slowest.   Fastest was 14 minutes.  Well crap, I don’t want to embarrass myself.    Yes, that’s my ego talking.

Option 2– Wild Run 5K


Somewhat flat and only 15 minutes away.  Less expensive but not by much.   Again, small field.  This race benefits the local zoo.  Which I run past every time I run at the lake path.  Added bonus- part of this race is on the lake path so I am familiar with it.    This offers packet pick up the day before, which is nice.

Downside to this is that is put on by a local gym.  Why does this make me nervous?  I have run 2 races put on by them in years past and was less than impressed with the organization.    However that was years ago and a different location.  They could be better now.   I feel like this is more my speed right now but feel like I am wimping out of the other.  In a completely girly, unimportant way, I have the perfect shirt to wear for this race.  🙂

So help me choose!  I have to register by tomorrow for Pozo but have a little time for the Wild Run.

What do you think?

Hope you are having a good weekend!

22 Comments on “Choose My Next Race

  1. I’m big on animals, close to home, and familiarity. Not that I’m against the other things …. But I’d go with the zoo one.


  2. I vote for the zoo too! I have a soft spot for my hometown zoo, and used to run by it on a lake path almost every time I ran.


    • Part of me thinks I should run that race just because of that. I can’t imagine what my run would sound like if I couldn’t hear the flamingos 🙂


  3. I’m going for Pozo. 2 for 2 poor(ish) organistation by the gym lead race, do you really want to chance it a third time? And “if it was easy it wouldn’t be fun”, that’s what I say. If cost/distance is negelible then head for Pozo and see if you can’t crack that PR, you might surprise yourself! Good luck whatever you choose : )


  4. I vote for the zoo, too. It’s closer and more convenient with packet pickup the day before, and it’s benefiting something local that you run by a lot, and having a familiar course is always nice. The charity for the Pozo run makes me waffle a bit, but being farther away, more expensive, and if you’re not entirely comfortable running it, I’d say go with the Zoo 🙂


    • I have to admit that the convenience is winning me over, and a race I am running in September donates to the same charity as Pozo so that helps a little bit.


  5. I would do the Wild Run. One of my favorite races I’ve ever run was Zoo Zoom around here so I have a special place in my heart for races like that. Plus it’s close to home. 🙂


  6. I love a race associated with a saloon!!!!! That said, my sis is a zookeeper, so she’d be sad to hear me choose another over it. Tough call!


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