And the winner is…

Happy Thursday!  Everyone ready for the 4th and the weekend?

Thank you all for your thoughts on my “Choose my next Race” post.  They were great!  And the winner is-


I was definitely leaning one way but Monday was rougher than I let on in my last post.  I knew that if I chose Pozo I would probably push harder than I should right now.  Between the flat course and fast crowd plus my own desire to beat my last official PR (27:54) I may have had troubles reigning it in like I should.    I’m not saying that I’m still not going to try to push it but now I have some hills to temper my inner (wannabe) speed demon.  Ha!   Plus I have a half marathon next Saturday that I want to try and be as ready for as possible.  Did I mention it’s on my birthday?  33 and 13 miles.

Yesterday, NikeC and I met up at the gym again to workout.   After 3 miles on the treadmill, it was time for the circuit room again.   I feel like I was more consistent this time around.  Well except for the step things, I still can’t remember step aerobics.  🙂  Turns out the 90 I thought NikeC was lifting (pushing?) on the first machine  last week was 110.  I’m so weak!  I had to drop it back to 50.   We weren’t able to complete the whole circuit because once again people had troubles following 1-20.   Come on people!

Then we moved on to the hip abduction things.   I learned that those machines can turn pretty creepy when there is an older, leering man dressed in street clothes using one. Ewww.   Luckily he left fairly quickly.   But I will say that I am glad there are no mirrors in that little area.   Those motions are a little awkward in public.  🙂  After that I goofed around on ab coaster.  They are harder than they look!  Plus kind of fun in a silly way.  NikeC tried one too.   And holy crap, my abs feel sore today!

Can you tell what distance I am running?
Can you tell what distance I am running?

I picked up my race packet tonight on my way home.  It was simple and easy at the gym.  It has the weirdest bunch of food samples in it.  Even a pancake mix.  Also, there was a map of the course and I realized that it’s a bit hillier than I would have liked, dang.  Oh well, it should be fun.  I am looking forward to racing tomorrow.  I am aiming to maintain my recent times around 28:00.  Yes a PR would be awesome, but we’ll see.  🙂

What are your 4th of July plans?

Anyone else racing?

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  1. Hope your race was a blast!
    Your gym stories crack me up. Those thigh machines are super sketchy. 🙂


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