A long week and a rough run

Quick recap of the week so far-

Monday– 2.5 miles
Tuesday– Kettle bell workout
Wednesday– 4.5 painful miles
Thursday –Rest- Business mixer-exercising my lack of skill at small talk (and another power nap)
Friday-11 slow miles
Saturday– 4 mile recovery walk- with the puppy!

How can a 30 minute workout DVD cause so much pain? I followed through like planned and completed the kettle bell workout on Tuesday. I felt pretty good when I was done, but the next morning I was super stiff.  It was awkward just getting out of bed. My thighs and hamstrings were so sore. I also wore taller wedge heels than usual all day at work Wednesday.  My run let me know just angry my legs were with me. My hamstrings were pissed. That lovely achilles issue from February’s race made a reappearance as well.  I decided to run that new route from last week again and I hoped my legs would warm up. Yeah, not so much. I took quite a few walk breaks and even stopped to stretch out twice. Even though it felt miserable, I went a slightly different route to get 4.5 miles in. Overall the pace was good for an easy run; my legs were just super cranky.  I didn’t feel injured just super sore.craptastic

Luckily, thanks to a business mixer, I had a great reason for Thursday to be a rest day.    The mixer was at an Inn that I admit I never knew existed before but it’s actually super cute.  It’s in a 100 year old house with pretty grounds.  We were lucky enough to get a tour.  Which was doubly good because it was less time that I had to think of decent small talk.    Parking was tight so we parked at church and were driven to the Inn by trolley.  That was fun, I hadn’t been on a trolley since high school.   However my legs were still sore and climbing on it in heels and a dress was a little problematic.  🙂

Cute, right?
Cute, right?

I volunteered to work on Saturday for someone so that meant I was able to go in later on Friday. For some reason I was not feeling the idea of my long run this weekend. I needed to get in 10-11 miles but the idea of running that on Saturday or Sunday just seemed unlikely. I don’t know why.  Since I was going in late Friday I figured I would run it Friday morning. When I went to sleep Thursday night I was looking forward to my run the next morning. After another night of less than stellar sleep and some stomach issues, I ended up trying to sleep for an extra hour before heading out for 6 miles. I started out slow making sure I wasn’t going to be sick again but I never got into gear. I felt like I was crawling and I walked way too much. It was also hot! I checked the weather before I left and it said 59. It lied. It was off by at least 20. Sweat and sunblock were dripping in my eyes. It was the kind of run that makes you wonder why you do it, ugh. Friday happens to be scale day, so just for kicks I re-weighed myself after my run. I lost 3 lbs. on a 6 mile run, oops. I even ran with more water than usual. Never trusting that app again.

I was a little cranky
I was a little cranky

So what does a crazy person do when they have a horrible, no good run that falls short of their mileage goal? They go to work, make it home by 7, change and get back out there. This time I used the same method I did last Sunday and met up with my mom and the puppy every mile or so. My overall pace was even slower than the craptastic run but I was ok with that this time. 5 more miles done to bring the total to 11. Long, slow run done before the weekend, sweet!

Tonight's sky
Tonight’s sky

Today, I covered a different location than usual so I had a shorter commute. Awesome! I met my mother for lunch at a local burger place. I was planning on taking it easy today, so I indulged with a tri tip sandwich, so yummy. After a trip to Target and another power nap (I picked up some Epsom salt at Target I will be trying soon) I ended up heading out for a walk with my mom and the puppy. My mom wanted to check out the newer-to-me path. She really liked it and so did Zoey. Zoey was very intrigued by the horses across the street at one point. It was a good 4 miles, the pace has really picked up with the puppy. We were just under 15:00 per mile tonight. And that includes her stops to shove her nose in whatever plant smells interesting. I still don’t think she will ever be a runner though.

Work is done, all my errands are done, so other than some lovely chores tomorrow -can we still call them chores as adults?- I am hoping to have a relaxing day. I should complete the yoga DVD again but we’ll see how it goes. I have stuck to my plan so far and only taken 2 rest days since June 1st. But does a DVD really count?

How was your Saturday?

Anyone race today? Or racing tomorrow?


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