A Little Truth

Since I joined the blogging world almost a year ago, I’ve that there are some thematic posts out there.  Like What I Ate Wednesday, which I don’t understand.  I mean I get the premise behind it but most everyone posts in the morning.  So is it really “What I’ve been eating lately and I saved up the pics for Wednesday”?   I will probably never do this post because I pretty much eat the same thing every dang day thanks to my lovely slow stomach and there’s no need to bore anyone else with that.   I’m bored with that.  I do post pics of pizza though, because, well, pizza rocks.  🙂

Amazing goodness
Amazing goodness

Another theme is confessions.  I feel I’m pretty open and honest about things anyways.  I’ve always said own your faults.  Plus I’m pretty boring… and weird.  🙂  I won’t go as far to say that I am a stick in the mud but I am very set in my ways.    My mother can’t stand it.  But all that leads to this-

I have 2 little facts about me to share tonight-

  1.  I have never driven farther than 45 minutes for a race, at least not one I was running in.   I did drive NikeC to Huntington Beach for Surf City a a few years ago.  Does that count?
  2.  I have never booked a hotel room.  I can’t even remember the last time I stayed in one.  I am over 30.

Why do these matter? Other than I never get out apparently?  This is happening –

13.1 Here I come! source
13.1 Here I come!

Ok so, this race is not super far away so hypothetically I could have driven down super early on race morning.  My mother even offered to drive so I could sleep on the way.  However, I am too neurotic for that.  What if there was traffic?   So, instead we are making a weekend of it.  I am trying to talk ML into it but no luck yet.

Now, naive little me thought that I didn’t have to worry about the hotel part until later.   But I was bored some night last week, so I played around online.  Why are there so many booking websites?  I couldn’t remember which one I was using half the time.   I think I may have mentioned before that I have germophobe tendencies, so I was trying to find what looked to be the nicest hotel that wouldn’t break the bank.   The first 5 I checked were all booked.  Umm, what? Crap, I better get on this. After lots of searching and talking to people who “kind of” know the area, I chose one and booked.  Fingers crossed it doesn’t scar me for life.  I am still trying to figure out how to do Rock N Roll- Las Vegas this year.  That would definitely need a hotel.    Whoever said running was cheap was crazy.

A bonus for this race?  It’s primarily flat.    Holy crap, I may have a shot at finally breaking 2 hours!   I don’t see that happening in 3 weeks with all the dune sand; not that it won’t be fun.   🙂  The Ventura Marathon actually has a few perks that I think are cool.  They have the option to defer to 2015 if needed and offer race day pick up for a fee.    I haven’t seen deferment in a smaller race.   I felt a little more confident registering early.  I am usually a last minute registrant.   Now I am torn between wanting it to be September now and wanting time to slow down.  How is it almost July?!

Happy hump day!

What did you think of my little truths? How weird am I?

Any interesting facts you want to share?



12 thoughts on “A Little Truth

  1. Yay for another race! Haha I’ve stayed in quite a lot of hotels, including some very cheap ones that would probably make your skin crawl! But that’s half the fun..at least when you reflect and joke about it later 🙂


  2. The SAME thing has always bothered me about What I Ate Wednesdays! At first I thought it was what you ate on Wednesday, but then it gets posted on Wednesdays… I don’t even know.

    The Ventura race sounds awesome! Hotels can be sketchy… but at least you don’t have to spend a lot of time there (awake, anyway) if they are. I hope yours is sketch-free!


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