Sleepy and Slow

After waking from my third power nap of the week on Saturday afternoon, I realized that my planned 10 miler on Sunday might not be the best idea.  Sleep was not my friend then and it still is not now.  Saturday wasn’t even a stressful day.  It was a day of relaxing shopping and yummy food.     I had a generic gift card to blow so I treated myself to a ridiculous pair of flip flops.   They’re black and basic but super supportive, I have high arches and for the first time, I feel like these actually support them.    But the price did make me a little squeamish, they better last forever!  And of course, I had to spend money at Dick’s.  🙂

This color may be an obsession
This color may be an obsession

I was still tired after my little nap, but I followed through with my no excuses plan and completed my yoga dvd.  I almost let myself believe that walking around while shopping could count as my days’ exercise but unless you are running from store to store or aggressively trying on clothes, it’s more of a leisurely stroll.   I felt a little better by the end of the DVD though. Since going to sleep at the usual time hadn’t helped and neither had earlier times, Saturday I flipped it, I stayed up reading until 2 hoping I would be so tired I would sleep. Yeah, not so much.

Not bad considering all the walking
Not bad considering all the walking

I headed out Sunday afternoon for a run. Since I had decided that running the full 10 wasn’t the brightest, I thought that a least a 10K was 10 of something. I also met up with my mom and the puppy at various points, so those were opportune walk moments or miles.  🙂  Since I was so tired, I made sure to take as many walk breaks as I needed and not care about my pace. The weird thing was that I felt like my form was spot on for the first time. I felt like I was running tall and strong. Of course no one was watching so it could have all been in my sleep deprived head.   According to my watch I spent 2 different ½ mile sections at around an 8:00 minute pace. What? I can’t do that when I am fully rested. I was still tired but I felt good after my run.6-16

That feeling did not translate in better sleep last night and I was dragging butt this morning. Work was straight up chaos, more so than the usual Monday but we got through it. I admit to 2 sodas getting me through the day.   After work, I hit the park for a very short 2.5 miles. I just wanted to get moving. Plus I had a new visor to break in. I bought the visor to be a spare on Saturday only to discover Sunday that my month old purple one was broken. Ugh. Talk about good timing. The run was ok, nothing great but nothing bad either.  No complaints here!  If I don’t sleep well tonight, tomorrow will be a complete rest day.   I would like to do a kettle bell workout but we will see how it goes.  I used to be a night owl/ insomniac (2 AM was the norm) so you’d think I’d be used to this.

How was your weekend?

Ever have rough periods of sleep? Help!



14 Comments on “Sleepy and Slow

  1. Bouts of insomnia are terrible! I’ve tried so many things in the past. People kept recommending valerian root tea, which smells like a wet dog and doesn’t taste like much. It definitely quieted my brain and relaxed me, but it didn’t help me sleep. (Might be worth a shot in case it works for you?) The only thing that got me to sleep was playing an indoor soccer game and wearing myself out, but you sound much more active than I was at the time, so that’s probably not very helpful 😦 I hope you find the silver bullet soon!


    • Smells like a wet dog? That sounds appetizing 🙂 Someone mentioned melatonin but I’d like to not have to take something. I don’t know if I’m all that active but exercise seems to do the opposite right now, I have more energy after, which any other time would be great, ha!


  2. My son ran his first 5k last week at camp – I think he said he did it in 46 minutes. His first 5k ever – I was super proud! 🙂
    And I love that you are breaking in a new visor! I hope sleep finds you tonight!


  3. I agree – sleep does make a big difference. Last night our 2 year old woke up screaming at 4am. For some reason, I’m the only one who hears the kiddos mid-sleep screams when the occur. She stayed up for an hour before falling back asleep. As a result I overslept, got in my run, missed breakfast, was late for work, and was exhausted all day! Going to bed early tonight!


  4. I cherish sleep but I always have trouble actually falling asleep. And it seems like when I finally do, a kid wakes up lol! Coffee. All the coffee 🙂


  5. I have MAJOR rough periods of sleep and I’ve found I can get them a little more under control with Epsom salt baths (those make me really tired) and melatonin. I love all your new gear. That visor is awesome!


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