Running Uncomfortable


Monday morning rolled around, and I greeted the day with a sore throat.  Umm no, I do not have time for that.  I have a race in 5 days!

By mid-afternoon Monday, I was feeling better, having a case of the Mondays but better.   Leaving work I headed to the lake to get in a few laps.  I was aiming for 3.5 miles.  I also had another odder goal in mind.


The lake path, dry now :(  Where's the rain?!
The lake path, dry now 😦 Where’s the rain?!

I set out to run uncomfortable.   Races rarely ever go exactly according to plan, so why not run with random issues on purpose?  So I had packed my shortest shorts and a t-shirt to run in.   Shorts that ride up drive me bonkers, I spend more time fixing them then running.   I also dislike running in sleeves as they irritate my arms.   Apparently I have sensitive arms because running used to make them bleed.  So now I am very particular about the tank tops I wear.  Plus after 13 miles, what started out comfortable can often turn ugly.

I have to admit that the t-shirt served a secondary purpose as well.  I was already wearing tiny shorts, a looser shirt made me feel less exposed.  Oh, the things we tell ourselves.

Anyways, I set out in uncomfortable clothes with no water for 3.5 miles.  My goal was to maintain pace even while dealing with wardrobe mishaps and a warmer day than planned.  Was it comfortable? No.  There is a very valid reason I don’t run in those shorts. I felt the urge to yank them down every 3 feet.  As an added distraction, it turned out that the material was a little slippery and my belt slid around more than usual.  The t-shirt actually didn’t suck.   All in all though, mission accomplished.  Granted, the 10K on Sunday is 2x as long and a lot go wrong in 13 miles.  But I feel slightly more prepared for it.

Awkward but done!!
Awkward but done!!

Tuesday was supposed to be the start of a new volleyball season.  I packed my clothes the night before and dug out the Nerd socks.    Woke up this morning with the same sore throat, WTF?   The pain eased up and went away by midday.  However, then my lunch decided not to like me.   With a race in 5 days, I chose to bypass volleyball practice.  😦


Tomorrow brings work and work school and then back to work for the monthly meeting.  The only miles I will be putting in will be driving.  However, maybe that is a good thing with mysterious sore throat.  So, as of now, I have not planned my next run.  Again, 😦


Coming up, though, my favorite race!!!!! The HOB Fun Run.  This will be the 7th year that I have participated in this race in some form or another.  The first 3 years I volunteered at a water table, wondering why anyone in their right mind would be running down the street on a cold Sunday morning.  After 3 years watching, I ran it the 4th year; it was my very first race.  I was wearing the shoes my friend C had helped me get for my birthday that year.  She was training for the Nike Women’s marathon that year, so she did not run it.  I had other friends run it and they all finished ahead of me, but I finished! Last year during the 5K was the first time I broke 30 minutes.   This will be my 4th time running it and my first time running the 10K.  I am so excited!!!!!  This will also be my second year working the packet pick up the day before.


So rest is on the menu to prepare for an awesome weekend ahead!  So I am typing this from my very comfy chair!!


Happy almost Wednesday!!!! Almost halfway to Friday 🙂  Hope everyone is having a good week so far!


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    1. Thanks, I have yet to run a race without some issue or another, so why not practice that way 🙂 Plus it’s a good way to wear running clothes you bought but hated!


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