Short is better than none right?

So, not feeling well on Tuesday led into a second rest day on Wednesday.  Plus between work and school and then back to work, I felt all over the place and so, so tired.  Thursday was a normal day of work followed by school later in the evening.   If I was a smart person, I would have run 4 miles in the time between. I had my clothes and shoes in my car.  I, however, was not smart and chose to meet the tennis team for dinner at Chipotle.  Oops.    Didn’t get out of school until 10 or even home until well after.  Running at 5 AM this morning on 4 hours of sleep?  Yeah not so much.  The bed was so warm and comfy 🙂

So, that brings me to 3 days off with no running.  You would think that 3 days rest would make me feel invigorated and ready to go, right?  Ummm, no.  I am still so tired.  What gives?  I have a race in less than 48 hours and I need to get a run in before then.  I generally don’t like going for a run the day before a race (tomorrow), plus that would then be 4 days off.    Yuck.    It’s not like I’m sick, I just feel super tired and worn out.  Not a good combination to start the weekend. 😦

I hate running on Fridays because it usually feels like a longer day and work is generally busier.   My last long run was on a Friday but was only because I was on vacation.   However, I had my running clothes with me and was going to try and make myself go the gym after work.    Yeah, putting on running capris after 3 days of Slacker-dom? Oh what fresh hell is that?!

yup, felt like that
yup, felt like that

I didn’t make it to the gym but I did make it to the lake.  I was fighting a setting sun as well as Friday fatigue.  But anything is better than nothing right?  I set out to do 2 laps.   That would be around 2.35 miles.  Since it was short, I decided to push a little harder.   I started out feeling really sluggish but halfway through my legs actually felt pretty good.   I wanted more sun.  Plus I got to test out my new capris, so far so good, but it was only 2 miles.    The weather for this Sunday’s race may be a little warmer that I would like.  I can’t decide if I want to wear capris or shorts.   Decisions, Decisions.


I am hoping that working the registration/ packet pick up table tomorrow will help get me in gear.   I really like watching everything be set up.  Plus, it is fun handing out the packets and watching people pick up their bib numbers and chips.   The shirts can turn into a bit of hassle with people wanting to changes sizes but it’s still fun.

I love this race; I really do, but it also adds stress.  The course is flat and fast and if there was a time to aim for a PR, this would be it.  In fact many people try.   The course has not changed over the years and it is the only race I have ever run that offers money for the top 3 placers in the 10K and top male/ female in the 5K.  Plus 100% of the race entry fees go to charity and you get to choose which charity your entry fee benefits.   There are usually 3 charities to choose between.

This is also the only race I have ever run that actually closes the roads.   Ever run a half-marathon with a semi coming up behind you?  Yeah, it’s a little nerve wracking.    The 5K is one loop through downtown and the 10K is two loops.  I am nervous about running through the starting/ finish line after the first loop.  I know that my Nike app tells me the pace at every mile, but it’s different than seeing the numbers on that big red clock.  Hopefully running passed the crowd will be enough of a distraction.  Either that or work as a motivation boost!


Anyone have any big plans for the weekend?

Any races or long runs?

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