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Slightly Unfocused

Ever have one of those runs that makes you feel crazy?  Today’s run went something like this–

Yay, the sun is shining- oh more geese, but they don’t look cranky today, that’s good- wow, this feels hard, maybe I’m running too fast- check watch- oh a 10 minute mile, not so tempo-ok, let’s make this an easy run- well that’s assuming I can finish this second lap- man this kicking my butt, 3 is good right- left, right, left- take deep breathes- just keep going- ok, 3 miles done, I can do 1 more right?- this is not easy- man, it’s hot-get over it, it’s like 60, big baby- man why is this so hard- yeah Saturday was 11 miles not 8 but 3 were slow walking- did I foam roll? I can’t remember- I took Sunday off, I should be fine- it is Monday and work was busy but aren’t all Mondays?- Maybe I too much popcorn last night- did I eat enough today- I did start earlier, but I took a full lunch, so those cancel out right?-hey look, sprinklers! Can I run though them?- Water sounds really good right now, why didn’t I bring any?- Yay 4 miles! But I’m on the other side of the lake- If I keep running, I will get to my car quicker-  just keep running, just keep breathing- man, I feel hot- even the nasty lake water looks inviting- on second thought, not so much- oh thank god, the parking lot- pause watch- oh wait, 4.70 miles- I can run a bit further right?- I can finish 5- oh this sucks-what was I thinking- I should have quit at 3-just keep breathing- yay the watch vibrated!- 5 and done- where’s water- I should stretch-ooh, my splits kind of look like a pyramid.

photoSo, I was just a tad unfocused during tonight’s run.    Throughout the day I was undecided about what I would run.  I was torn between 4 miles of downhill-uphill in work town or a 5 mile tempo at the lake path.   I had my Wave Rider’s, so I was hoping for a repeat of last week’s great speed work out and I headed to the lake.  While work had been long (I started early) and crazy busy; we managed to get out on time.  The sun was shining and the weather looked great, so I started my drive.  I was still excited when I got to the lake, but it didn’t take long to lose that energy.   After the first mile, I mentally changed from the planned tempo to an easy run but it was rough the whole way through.  I should have quit at 3; I really should have.   I also should have taken water.  What good is my shiny new handheld if I don’t use it?  As I was stretching, I figured out that it was actually in the mid 80’s.  At 7:00 pm… oops.  That’s not even a newbie mistake, just me being stupid.5mile

Overall, the pace didn’t suck.  I drove home remembering all the times I ran 12:00 minute miles just wishing I could break 10.  This may have been a less than stellar run but overall it’s still an improvement.   🙂   I managed a long slow run of 8 miles on Saturday.   8 miles at 10:18- that used to be my 5k race pace, so that’s a plus.     After those 8 miles, I headed out for another 3 with my mom and the puppy.  So Saturday was an 11 mile day, yowza.  Nothing to complain about there.

Could have used this earlier...

I took Sunday off but it wasn’t exactly restful.   I headed down to SLO to browse hardwood options with my mother.  Hit Dick‘s and finally chose a new gym bag.   Had a yummy lunch before heading back to town to go to a friends BBQ.  I got to hang out with Baby G for a bit 🙂  She has gotten so big; she walks and dances now!    I went home to do some laundry, then I joined my mom at the school.  They’re doing construction so she needed help moving all of her tennis stuff. (Can we count that as strength training? Ha!)   That was followed by a quick dinner before going to the theater to see Captain America.  Which was awesome, but I may have indulged in a little too much popcorn.  It was worth it.  🙂

Could have used this earlier
Could have used this earlier

Please tell me I am not the only who conversations in their head while running?

Seen any good movies lately?




5k to Start March

Sunday was one of those overcast, slightly rainy but still really wet days.  The ones that just make you want to curl up inside with a nice warm blanket and a good book.   We rarely get that in California, so I decided to take advantage of it.    Plus with my less than graceful self, I figured I would still manage to find a way to fall even if it wasn’t pouring.

Yesterday was actually a pretty good day, no Monday blues in sight.   I packed my stuff so that I could run right after work.   My first run in 7 days and a chance to test my new shoes.  A heavy marine layer had rolled in by the end of work, so I decided to turn the planned 4 miles into 3.  It was darker than I had hoped for, but even 3 is better than last week! rockview

The shoes were ok.  They definitely have more cushion than I am used to.   So much in fact, that I had troubles with the gas pedal on the way home.  🙂    The right shoe still feels abnormally loose but I am hoping I can adjust.   Overall my legs felt good, maybe a little too good because my pace was faster than it should have been.   The only thing that really annoyed me during my was that my belt kept sliding down.  I had to yank it back up every half mile. 3-3-14

I finished a little over a 5k and then forced myself to walk around the block again as a cool down before stretching out.  I am trying to be smarter now.  Anyone want to place bets on how long that lasts?   Tonight, I packed my stuff for the gym but did not want to run, I wanted to give my legs a break since yesterday was less than easy.   I told myself I would do a few miles on the stationary bike.  But I was totally looking for an excuse not to go, and it came!  I ended up staying another hour at work with IT.  Thanks pesky computers!

sunset3After driving home, I did complete a stretching program and some push ups.  I attempted a plank or 2 but that was just an epic fail.  🙂   I am planning on a few more miles tomorrow but haven’t decided when or where yet.   So this brings my total for the Around the World Running Blog Relay to a spectacular 5k.  Woo hoo!!!!

I had a minor panic attack today when I checked my Facebook feed.  There was a post reminding me that I only have 18 days until Wine Country Half.  Yikes!!!!  I’m not ready!!!!  I need to get my training back on track, not only for this but for the SLO Marathon weekend too.   Where did the time go?   There is a 5K race that I was going to run on Saturday but I am on the fence.  It’s kind of pricey for a local 5k and I need to do a long, slow run.  I have to decide by tomorrow because that is the last day to register.  Decisions, decisions.

While today may have been National Pancake day, I did not have pancakes today.  😦  However, I did have breakfast for dinner- scrambled eggs and cinnamon rolls.  So yummy.

I still have a discount code for the SLO Marathon,anyone want to come join me?

Who ate pancakes today?

How did everyone’s week start?

Slight Stumbling Block

Happy Hump Day!!!!  Although by the time this is posted, it may be Thursday.  🙂 Which is better right?

Monday I was set to run after work.  My ankle was a bit sore Sunday evening and Monday, so I figured I would head to the gym for the softer but boring treadmill.   I changed before leaving work which involved taking off my derby socks and then went to tidy up a few things.  That little amount of walking around the building made me rethink things.  I was more than sore, I was straight up hurting.    I had an argument with myself about what to do.   I was smart, urgh, and did not run.   I did not run yesterday nor today.  😦  Instead I have spent time like this-

Ice, Ice Baby
Ice, Ice Baby

What you can’t see is the laptop open to a blank page that should be a paper and a Netflix marathon on the tv.    Does that kind of marathon count?   I have spent plenty of time stretching and foam rolling too.

Tomorrow is up in the air.  I am optimistically taking my running clothes with me but I am not expecting much right now.  The smart little voice in my head says I should just take the 5 week days off.  The cranky runner in me is growling at that.   Grrrh.  I have a half marathon in 25 days and have not done a long run since February 9.   I was hoping to get to a 12 mile training run this time around but at this point I will be thrilled with a crawling 10 8 next weekend.  I am supposed to racing a 5K on the 8th too, but I am not sure about that now.

Friday will probably end up to be a very long work day, like 12 hours or more, so I have absolutely no guilt about not running that day.  Yesterday was a later meeting so it was easier not being able to run since I was busy.    This weekend will hopefully have some decent runs (please!) but I also have a date with the Running Warehouse.   My Inspire‘s have not seemed friendly lately and they only have 250 miles on them.  I think it is time to be refitted for shoes.  Especially when I consider that I have only been fitted once and it was before I even ran, I was 40 pounds heavier and had never been on a treadmill before.  I am interested to see if things have changed since then.  Also hoping that it may help my ankle issues.

Not using that word but yeah... Thanks Pinterest
Not using that word but yeah…
Thanks Pinterest

I am anxious to get back up to speed, with last’s week’s easy miles and this weeks zero, I feel like I am falling behind.  I had such hopes for Wine Country and even more for the SLO Marathon.  Plus I feel like I just sound like a complete cranky pants right now, sorry!  I was so bored tonight, I weighed my cat, which also meant I weighed myself, ugh.  She’s 15 pounds by the way, she doesn’t look that big, but maybe she needs a treadmill too.

KimiAs I type this, I can hear it pouring outside, yay- rain!!!!!  Driving home not so much fun but the rain is awesome.  Keep it coming!

Who’s racing this weekend?

How has everyone’s week been going?

Super Fun Run 5K- Recap

After Thursday’s recap, I took Friday as another rest day.  Attempted Runner asked if I had thought about just doing the last 3ish that I needed to hit 80 on Friday.  But I don’t generally like running the day before a race plus work turned into a longer day than planned. After work I had the very exciting Friday night plans of making a new playlist and picking out the clothes for today’s race. I probably should have done laundry. Then I tried to get to sleep earlier. That never seems to go according to plan.   Instead it was spent tossing and turning.

hmmm, shorts or pants?

The Super Fun Run is a small 5k /10k that raises money for the local Boys and Girls Club. I ran it last year with a few friends and it was my official 5k PR and the first time that I know of that I age group placed. I was 1st!!! So I was excited going into this race.   I was torn between running the 5K or the 10K and I admit it was pride that made me choose the 5K.

My goals going in were-
A- beat official PR- 29:36
B- beat unofficial PR- 27:41  (during HOB 10K)
C- shot in the dark- sub 27

Apparently I can’t handle the cold.    My alarm went off and after turning it off I checked the temp.  Mid 20’s.   Ugh, so I went with the pants.   At the last minute I grabbed a headband to cover my ears.   Even though the race was within in walking distance of my house, I still drove down.  Why?  It was freakin’ cold and I had to have somewhere to put the shirt and goody bag after bib pick up.    I waited as long as I could in my car after getting my bib before heading to start line.

There were a few pre-race announcements, a count down and then it was go time.   We ran across a baseball field and up a driveway before hitting pavement.  From there it is an out and back course with a few turns to add mileage.   Knowing the course and the small hill in the middle, I was aiming for a 3 mile sandwich- fast, medium, fast.      My toes were so cold,  I could not feel them.  I felt like I was running awkwardly.  I kept hoping they would warm up but they never did.    😦  3/4 of a mile in, I had a tightness in my chest and breathing sucked.   It hurt to breath.  A little past the mile 1 marker and halfway up the hill, I had to walk.   Ugh!!!    The downhill that followed was great, though.

Mile 1 was actually a great pace but I felt like I was in trouble.  I kept pushing but had to take another walk break on the next incline.   Meanwhile, 2 women come flying past on the return and I think crap!   I wasn’t even halfway and they were already headed back.  The turn around point was about 50 yards past the only water station so I grabbed some on the way back.

I cranked it up and flew down the downhill.  However my lungs were so very angry and when I hit the return uphill there was no way I was running it.    Another walk.  After that it was mostly flat and I tried to push it but I just felt like I could not get enough air and that I was crawling.   I didn’t even look at my Garmin the last 1.5 miles.  My toes were still frozen, my chest hurt but my head was suddenly too hot.  I ripped off my headband and kept going.  I took 2 more walk breaks.   I rounded the final corner and crossed the finish line.    I stopped the Garmin at 27:56.

Untitled picture

Now I realize that more than half the country and Canada are dealing with sub zero temperatures, crazy windchill and mountains of snow, so today’s 30 should have been no big deal.     However, I would rather run in 115 weather than cold.  I have no training with cold running.  It is dark and cold when I leave for work, but then I get a nice warm car for the next 45 minutes.  I am always cold, I have a space heater under my desk that I run every day at work.  Seriously.  This race kicked my ass.  Overall I took 5 walk breaks and they weren’t just at the inclines.

photo 3

I met my mom and Zoey after crossing the finish line.   I drank some water and tried to catch my breath.   She and the puppy left and I hung around to try and get some clue of the official standings.  I couldn’t remember seeing that many people coming back before I hit the turn around, but I was kind of on my own planet.

Official Time- 27:54
8th finisher overall
3rd female finisher, 3rd female age group

photo 4

I have no reason to feel down.  I made my primary goal but missed B by 15 seconds.   I am proud of what I accomplished but wish I could run the course again about 15 degrees warmer.  It was 30 when we started and it was still 30 when I left the race.  The website said that only 1st age group finishers received a medal so I ending up leaving early.  I could not handle the cold anymore.   And those 2 women who flew past me?  They finished in 18 minutes.  Hot damn!   I wish I could be that fast!

I was supposed to run another 9 miles after the race to complete my long run for the week but I made it home and ended up sitting on the ground by the slider in the sun until I could feel my toes again.     I’m so weird, I know.    🙂  My legs felt stiff all day so I decided to push my long run back to tomorrow.

photo 2 (2)

The shirt this year was actually really cute and much better than last years.  This was an actual dri-fit tee and last year’s was all cotton and not football themed at all.   I did treat myself to some post race frozen yogurt- 9 hours later when I was warmer.   🙂

photo 5

How was everyone’s Saturday?

Am I just a big baby when it comes to the cold?

A Wave Rider Interval

As Monday was a holiday, I was able to get in a good 5 mile run outdoors instead of having to head into the gym.   Prior to that I went to lunch with my mom and then helped her prune a bunch of oleanders.  We do this every year and we always use a ladder in ways we shouldn’t while holding shears.   This year was no different.  I always crack jokes that it’s a great arm workout.   Apparently a little too great, between that and puppy pulling on Sunday and Monday, my arms are so sore!  Hmm, maybe I should check out the other equipment available at the gym, not just the treadmill.

My training plan called for 5 miles on Monday.  I headed out early afternoon so I could get the miles in and then go get the puppy for walk attempt #2.    The first part of my route takes me past a cemetery and I run if no ones there but if people are visiting close to the side, I walk.  For some reason my mind thinks that more respectful.  🙂  This day someone was blowing the roads in the cemetery and next to it with a motorized golf cart looking blower thing.    I ran into a dust storm!  I came to a hacking, coughing halt from all the dust I aspirated in.   My boss happened to call right then and I answered since I wasn’t running anyway, she thought I was dying sick again.  I had to convince her it was just the dust!  I ended up walking the first 1/2 mile, so I started off slow.

photo (3)

Even once I got going, I could tell I was tired.  Both my legs and my breathing felt labored.   The plan was 5 miles with 4 easy and the 5th faster.   My 4th was faster than mile 5, oops.   My legs felt heavy, and my stomach was telling me that lunch had been a little too big.   By the end of the run,  I could feel that I had a cranky toe as well.   Sure enough, it was a little bloody.  Ahhh, the joys of running.  🙂

I then picked up the pup and drug her down the driveway.  Actually she trotted right down and halfway down the block before she realized what was going on.  Then she just plopped flat on the sidewalk.   With some coaxing and strong arming, we managed to walk a mile in 22 minutes.  Yikes!!!  I think people find us amusing.  There was a man standing on his deck at one point laughing as we passed.  Or as I drug her past.   We then walked past a bigger version of her and she wasn’t sure how to process that; it was so funny.  At the mile point, we turned around and took a slightly shorter route home.  Same as the day before, the second we were headed back, she was the model of a perfect puppy behavior.  We made the .84 mile back in 11 minutes.  And yes, I timed it this time.  🙂

My reward for the almost 7 miles?  A super yummy homemade smoothie-

so very, very pink
so very, very pink


Today called for a 3.75 mile interval workout.   I knew it would after work and on the treadmill but I was ok with that because I still needed to actually run in my new Wave Riders!  I also had a new armband to test out.  I hate armbands as they usually make me bleed but I need one for the gym.    Plus since switching to the iPhone 5s, all my old ones had the earphone jack in the wrong spot.   I picked up a new one when I was at Sports Authority a few weeks ago.

photo 1 (10)

The shoes felt amazing while driving but kind of awkward while walking.    It made me a little nervous.   I don’t usually run 4 days in a row, so even though I was going to follow the interval that Nike laid out, I wasn’t going to push it.   Plus I wasn’t sure how the shoes would feel.  I ran a mile warmup- 2 minute walk then 6.2 for the rest.  Interval 1 was .75 of a mile at 6.6, then a .25 of 5.5.  This was followed by a planned .75 at 6.6.  I did all this then upped it to 7.1 for .25, not on the plan but I just felt like it.   Then is was a cool down of .75 at 6.00.  I shut Nike off at 3.75 and slowed the treadmill to 4 and walked until 4 miles or 40 minutes, whichever came first.  They came at the same time, sweet!!!!   The intervals were very smooth, now if I can just up the pace, I can hopefully break 2:00 this spring!

photo 2 (9)

The shoes felt pretty good actually, I need to get in a few more miles to really try them out.  Some street miles too.  The armband held up well too.  No bleeding so far, woo hoo!!!  It could have fit a little snugger, though.

Tomorrow is hump day and a rest day!!!!

How is everyone’s week going so far?