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Running with a Jiggle

Want to know a good way to find what areas you need to tone?  Fall at work, get bruised and then go for a run.    A similar thing happened a few years ago after I was attacked by a dog while out running walking.  I was left with a giant bruise and puncture marks on my backside.  First time I tried to walk/ run, I could no longer deny that my butt jiggled.  Seriously it hurt.  Damaged my ego a bit too.  🙂

Friday was a little crazy at work and I had a late lunch.   I was sitting in the back at the table eating when the phone rang.    Getting up to answer is where the trouble started.   I had one foot propped on the chair across from me and one wrapped under mine.  Somehow I tangled my chair in the chair next to me when getting up, slammed the second chair into the inside of my left leg and face slammed into the door.    I say slammed because my co-workers informed me you can only call it a face plant if you hit the ground.   Good to know.

2-22-14I worked Saturday morning so I didn’t head out for a run until that afternoon.   Saturday’s work has a shiny new building and I was so excited that I got to stand and work the whole shift.  I didn’t sit down once.   I had a little bruise on my leg but it didn’t bother me at all while working.   I headed out for an easy run later that afternoon and was greeted by pain.  So apparently I need to work on toning my legs more.  🙂  So much for running doing that for me!    I had planned on my usual 4.2-4.5 route but I ran into my mom and Zoey along the way.  I walked with them for a bit.   While it helped me slow down and take it easy, it added some distance and then I ran a little more to round it up.   Finished the run at 6 miles.

so mind numbing
so mind numbing

Today was the only day I have for awhile to sleep in, so I totally took advantage of that.   It was so nice.    I also managed to make myself get back on the bike.    Soooo boring.  I forced myself to do 4 miles but wasn’t paying attention, so ended up at 4.5.   Or so I think.  Miles on the bike always seem to go so quickly; boring but quick.    I think my bike needs to be serviced but who has time for that?

puppy jogAfter, I got the puppy and went for a puppy jog.  She did so good today!!!  Only barked at 2 cars and laid down twice.  She may never be a solid runner but she’s great for fartlek training!   Super speedy sprints followed by walking breaks.  🙂  She made it a full 5k today! She played nice with a little girl and was overly excited when a small terrier wanted to play with her.    She only had one odd moment when we passed a particular house.  Now this house is on my usual running route and while interesting looking with an even odder looking trailer in the front yard, I have never been concerned by it.  Today however, Zoey was spooked.  She actually growled at the house and barked a few times.  She was completely fine as soon as it was out of sight.   Great, thanks Zoey, now I am going to be spooked the next time I run by it.

Puppy time!
Puppy time!

I should actually be working on a paper right now but nah.  Following that I should be getting some sleep, I have a crazy week ahead.   So crazy, I am a little unsure of how I will get my runs in.   I’m trying to look on the bright side and just say that the lower mileage week will help my ankle soreness.   My first 1/2 of the year is exactly 4 weeks from today.  Yikes!!! When did that happen?

How was everyone’s weekend?

Anyone run by any spooky places?

6 thoughts on “Running with a Jiggle

  1. Ouch! Glad you’re OK other than a bruise. I don’t have any spooky places near me, but I have enough to worry about living near the shady part of town.


  2. Boo for treadmills. Hooray for dog jog! I get creeped out when I run early in the morning and there is a car parked in the park parking lot. Why is that dud there?


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