A Twitchy Slacker

The Slacker in me is a little confused right now.   I decided to take it easy this week after the my painful race on Saturday.  Was that really just a few days ago?   Sunday was a puppy walk and Monday was an easy run.  What I didn’t mention before is that after that somewhat stiff 4.5 mile run, I went for another puppy walk.  Total miles for the day 7.5.  Not exactly low key.

So pretty!!!
So pretty!!!

Tuesday I did take a rest day, which I won’t lie was pretty nice.   By Wednesday I was itching to run.  The weather outside looked marvelous and I couldn’t wait for work to be done for the day.    I figured I could do an easy 3.5 miles in the 40ish minutes of daylight remaining.    This time I was prepared with my belt and my Garmin.   Just after starting my run I remembered what I had forgotten.   Wednesday was a high wind advisory day.  Holy crap, it turned a mild 58 into about 38.   My ears were so cold!!!!

same location, new angle
same location, new angle

I felt like I was crawling.  I was a little stiff and not loving that the route from work is pretty much all downhill and then uphill back.  I didn’t make it to the the 1.75 mark before turning around because I realized that would put me halfway down the blind curve-hill so I turned around just before.   Other than the wind, the weather was great and the views were awesome.  I stopped a few times to take pictures.   I stopped my Garmin around the 5k mark and walked the rest of the way back to my car.    Checked my Garmin while stretching- 29:14.   Big oops.


Like I said, a little confused.   I felt slower than that.   I made sure to stretch and foam roll really well last night.  At least as well as I could.  There’s something about the foam roller that makes me feel completely uncoordinated.  🙂   My leg feels mostly ok today.  It doesn’t help that I have had a few meetings this week, so that has meant skirts and heels.  And I haven’t taken my comfy boots to the repair shop yet.  Even with a tall heel they felt like slippers.

Love the smell of eucalyptus
Love the smell of eucalyptus

Today was a rest day and tomorrow will be too.  I admit to feeling lazy and its making me antsy.  I know I need to rest a bit and it is annoying.  Luckily or not, next week will be really busy at work as well, so I am thinking maybe another step back week.  😦  My training should still be on track even with that.  My 2014 mileage goal is on track as well.  I was over what I needed in January and I should be above in February as well.   Now I just have to convince myself it’s not a bad thing to cut back next week.

Thanks for listening to my rambling twitchiness.   I should be working on a paper but I am channeling my inner Slacker and marathoning Netflix instead.   I’m on episode 4, I may have created a problem.  🙂

How have your week’s been?

Can you believe there are only 8 days left in February?!

4 Comments on “A Twitchy Slacker

  1. Looks like a beautiful place to run! I can’t believe Feb is almost over. It makes me kind of sad because I went from running over 100 miles a month to 0 miles so far this month. I hope to be able to change that soon!


  2. My son has been on week 1 of couch to 5k for a couple of weeks now – he is working through shin splints – and last night, he did the run (after a 2 week break… oops) and didn’t have any pain, so he’s excited to start moving forward! Me, on the other hand, I’m not adapting to outdoor running, so I’ve been walking several miles instead! 🙂


    • Ouch, I hate shin splints!!!! Glad to hear is run was pain free though!!! Wish him luck!
      Nothing wrong with walking! It’s the moving forward that counts right? I think I’m gonna take the puppy for a walk tomorrow. 🙂


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