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What Up Wednesday

Hold on, we’re halfway there!

Name that song. Also it only applies if you don’t have a long weekend ahead.🤔

Let’s try something new.

Qoute I am pondering a lot these past 2 weeks.

Zac Brown Band

Extra cheese factor since it’s actually a song lyric.

Speaking of songs, these 2 have been getting me up hills and through hot runs in the last week.

Yes, I know my music taste is random. I almost added a Chainsmokers song- well I consider it a Bebe Rexha song but still.

Also have you seen this video?

I want to be that dog.😀

Happy Hump Day!

A Twitchy Slacker

The Slacker in me is a little confused right now.   I decided to take it easy this week after the my painful race on Saturday.  Was that really just a few days ago?   Sunday was a puppy walk and Monday was an easy run.  What I didn’t mention before is that after that somewhat stiff 4.5 mile run, I went for another puppy walk.  Total miles for the day 7.5.  Not exactly low key.

So pretty!!!
So pretty!!!

Tuesday I did take a rest day, which I won’t lie was pretty nice.   By Wednesday I was itching to run.  The weather outside looked marvelous and I couldn’t wait for work to be done for the day.    I figured I could do an easy 3.5 miles in the 40ish minutes of daylight remaining.    This time I was prepared with my belt and my Garmin.   Just after starting my run I remembered what I had forgotten.   Wednesday was a high wind advisory day.  Holy crap, it turned a mild 58 into about 38.   My ears were so cold!!!!

same location, new angle
same location, new angle

I felt like I was crawling.  I was a little stiff and not loving that the route from work is pretty much all downhill and then uphill back.  I didn’t make it to the the 1.75 mark before turning around because I realized that would put me halfway down the blind curve-hill so I turned around just before.   Other than the wind, the weather was great and the views were awesome.  I stopped a few times to take pictures.   I stopped my Garmin around the 5k mark and walked the rest of the way back to my car.    Checked my Garmin while stretching- 29:14.   Big oops.


Like I said, a little confused.   I felt slower than that.   I made sure to stretch and foam roll really well last night.  At least as well as I could.  There’s something about the foam roller that makes me feel completely uncoordinated.  🙂   My leg feels mostly ok today.  It doesn’t help that I have had a few meetings this week, so that has meant skirts and heels.  And I haven’t taken my comfy boots to the repair shop yet.  Even with a tall heel they felt like slippers.

Love the smell of eucalyptus
Love the smell of eucalyptus

Today was a rest day and tomorrow will be too.  I admit to feeling lazy and its making me antsy.  I know I need to rest a bit and it is annoying.  Luckily or not, next week will be really busy at work as well, so I am thinking maybe another step back week.  😦  My training should still be on track even with that.  My 2014 mileage goal is on track as well.  I was over what I needed in January and I should be above in February as well.   Now I just have to convince myself it’s not a bad thing to cut back next week.

Thanks for listening to my rambling twitchiness.   I should be working on a paper but I am channeling my inner Slacker and marathoning Netflix instead.   I’m on episode 4, I may have created a problem.  🙂

How have your week’s been?

Can you believe there are only 8 days left in February?!

Too much sun = Ouch

Apparently I can run 13 miles in the sun and be fine, but a few hours at the beach paddle boarding? That really kicked my ass.  By Sunday night, I had a splitting headache, I even tried sleeping with an icepack.  Woke up Monday still feeling crappy but dragged myself to work.  I only made it half way through the day though. 😦 One crappy thing about a commute is that once you leave work sick, you still have to drive all the way home!

I did make it home, showered and crawled into bed with a blanket.   You know it’s bad when you’re sleeping in the middle of the day with a blanket.  Particularly when it’s almost 100 outside.   So much for Monday’s planned run.   I still felt poorly on Tuesday so I took another rest day.  Slacker!  On the upside, two days off gave the burned tops of my feet a little more time to heal. 🙂

I planned to do an easy 2.5 miles on Wednesday, just 2 laps around the park.  However my friend was unable to make it.  My mother had been texting me that she wanted to walk while I ran, so I said ok.    Downside of not stopping halfway like planned?  An extra 10 degrees.  When I parked my car, the internal thermometer read a nice toasty 100.   Oh boy!   But I was gonna take it easy right?  So I changed, grabbed water and was out the door.

Even the trees look hot :(
Even the trees look hot 😦

Had to fix a shoelace, so I bent over to tighten it.   A little over half a mile later, I realized I was missing something.  I had never picked my water bottle back up!    Seriously where was my head?   But I pushed on cursing the hills and missing the nice flat lake path.  Finished 3.5 miles, some very slow miles.   I am telling myself that any forward motion is a good thing, right?

Now I just have to work out when to get in a 6.5-7 mile long run before Sunday and I will be on track.   Plus I have a 5k next week to look forward to!!

 dune run run

Anyone have any races to be excited about in the future?

Squats, strollers, and a mini horse!!!!

So, three days into the week and I have stuck to the plan! 

Monday’s run turned out to be a little less than 3 miles:).  It was over 90, yowza!  So on to cross-training, hehe, of volleyball went really well.  Played harder than usual, getting out of bed this morning was so hard.  I was so sore; not used to that.  I have played almost every Tuesday night for the last 5 years, think I would be used to it by now.   I also decided to complete a one of those squat challenges for July.  Its starts you out at 50 and hopefully at the end of the month, you can complete 250… ummm, what was I thinking?  Oh mama, my legs are sore.  And I still have another 25 to do today.

So tonight I leave work planning to meet a friend for our Wednesday run.  We like to run this trail around the lake in a city park.  The town is halfway between work and home for me, so perfect!  Turns out we were both dragging tonight, so it was great that she brought her daughter in her jogging stroller. Got to test it out and go a little slower.   Yeah, not as easy as it looks, for as much as they look so easy to push, you can totally feel the burn in your calves.   They may have been way slower than normal but it was still 3.5 miles.  Forward motion counts right?  

One thing I like about this trail is that there are so many people.  Quite a lot of them are walking dogs as well.  There is the cutest Chihuahua with sunglasses that I have seen a few times too.  Tonight was a new record, though.  There were huskies, labs, daschunds, border colliesL, schnauzers, etc.  Now most who know me, know that I tend to have interesting animal encounters when out running.  I have had run-ins with possums, snakes, cats and there is a valid reason one of my friends husband calls me “ass-bite”.  Tonight I got to add a new one to the list.  There was a couple walking a mini-horse!!!! It was so stinking cute, way smaller that I had imagined.  I so wanted a picture but the owners seemed a little stand-offish:(.   Anyone else have any interesting animal encounters?

So here’s to feeling inspired enough to do a couple miles tomorrow after work, now onto 25 more squats.