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A Long Not So Slow Run

The weather man was actually right and we had a very rainy Saturday.   Not complaining because we need it but it did push my long run back until today.   Saturday was spent building a cabinet for my mother for her garage.  Every time my pops goes out of town, I get a “honey do” list.  The cabinet was one of those MDF things you buy in pieces.  Some very colorful language ensued, I hurt my ankle, pinched a finger and realized that wood glue peels off your fingers just like Elmer’s did back in grade school.  🙂    But it was built and muscled into place (weighed 200 lbs!), well mostly.  One door is out of whack.  😦  That counts as a workout right?

I don’t know why I tell myself I am going to run in the morning, I never follow through.  It is too cold and my bed is so cozy.   After a little lie in this morning, a late breakfast (or early lunch) and some errands, I headed out for my run.  The rain had held all day but I dressed for it just in case.   Full pants, tank and and long sleeved layer on top.  All topped with an ear warmer.  I was also wearing the ankle compression socks.   Ankle is a misnomer, they were more like crew, they went halfway up my leg.    It reminded me of when I played tennis in high school.  For some reason we thought we were cool wearing crew boys socks with our skirts.   Ha!


I was a little overdressed in the beginning but I forced myself to keep everything on, I knew I would be cold eventually.  Plus there was some more wind today than usual.   I had plans to get the puppy and take her for a walk, so I was only going to run 8.    The first 4 at a steady pace, last 4 at a much slower pace.   I started out ok and the first 4 went as planned.  Then it got a little tricky.

Where I forgot to pause the Garmin
Where I forgot to pause the Garmin

I was trying to take some pictures for the blog so occasionally I would stop and pause the Garmin and Nike and take a pic or 2.   Start them back up and keep going.   At the last shot I didn’t pause the Garmin so time kept running.   Oops.  Nike had paused fine and restarted fine.    Half a mile later, I noticed they were .30 miles different.  The Garmin was ahead but the pace on Nike seemed right so I just kept going.   The last few miles seemed hard, harder than a 10:30 should have been, which is what I thought I was running.   At the end, the Garmin showed 8.32 and Nike 8.02.  I must have had my Wheaties this morning, mile 8 was 8:47.  Say what?!

Thinking both devices had serious issues, I Google mapped it.   It showed 8.46.  Well crap.  Since I know the time on the Nike was accurate for time actually ran, I took that time and randomly chose 8.2 miles.   That is not the pace I was trying to maintain for a long slow run but I am stoked that I held it.  I later logged into Nike and was able to see where the signal drop happened.   I have never had a problem there before so I’m not sure what happened  😦

Gee thanks Nike
Gee thanks Nike

I then headed for the puppy and what I thought would be a nice stroll.    Except she was ready to go and wanted to run the whole way, I had to hold her back at times.  Plus she still randomly likes to just plop flat on the ground and I almost trip over her.   Another 2.7 miles in 38 minutes.   And I was done.    And cold, the temperature had dropped a bit.

And she plops….

I later went to dinner with my mother.  This time I was wearing the full length compression socks under my jeans for recovery.    So far I like them but I am going to need a few more times wearing them to decide.  I must say that I thought they would be tighter.  Or at least feel snugger.   But then I wear knee socks or derby socks almost every day during winter and spring so maybe I’m just used to it?  Who knows.

I did not eat all the fries!!
I did not eat all the fries!!

First week of the reboot plan successfully completed and I feel pretty good.   I am hoping to maintain that through next week finishing with a 10K on Saturday.  🙂   I was originally supposed to be running a half marathon but with my ankle being sore, I decided to try and be smart and not push it.  My first half of the year is still set for March and I will run SLO in April.

How was everyone’s weekend?

I know I need to just use 1 device but it’s so hard!  Anyone else use  2?

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Intervals and a Big Oops

Hooray, it’s Friday!!!!

Who’s racing this weekend?

Today was a pretty good day.  I worked the early shift at work and was even able to get off a little early.   I have an awesome boss.  I mean I really do, yesterday, while parallel parking I bumped her car.   Like our bumpers were kissing.  I swear I checked before turning off my car.  I never felt a bump, apparently I am just that skillful at backing up. Ha!  No damage at all but it was a momentary panic attack.  Did I mention it’s review time?!  Part of today was spent doing battle with my usual Friday temptation-one day I will resist, I will be strong.  It just wasn’t today.

Cookie Friday!!!!
Cookie Friday!!!!

I have however been strong on the no soda during the week.  🙂  I have not had any soda since I randomly quit at 10:00 AM Tuesday morning.  No headaches to speak of, but I have been draggggggging.   With that being said, I did make it to the gym on Thursday night for an easy interval run.

Prettier than a treadmill

Normally I manually change the speed anytime I want but I decided to try the interval option instead.   First question it asked was what my weight was?  Nosy much?  Why does my weight affect the speed settings on a treadmill?  And why do they call it jogging speed?  For the sake of all of our delicate egos they should call it something like “fast” and “lightening fast” not “jogging” and “running”.  Ok, mini rant over.  Having to push the button just once to change speeds was nice though.

My intervals looked something like this-

Length (miles) Speed
1.25 5.8
.75 6.3
.25 5.8
.75 6.3
.5 5.8
1.00 6.3
.50 5.8

Total- 5 miles not counting warmup or cool down.

(glad to hear I’m not the only one turns off the watch for those!!)

I admit to taking it slightly easy.  Even with having a cup of coffee in the morning, I am seriously missing the caffeine.   While driving to the gym that night, I told myself I only had to run 4 not the 5 that I planned.  Once I was running though, I figured I could run 5 and thankfully there was nothing freaky on the tv’s.   Whoever is changing the channels needs to stop, Wednesday night, the tv had Devour-Return of the Man Eating Snake on.  I thought I was going to have nightmares about albino pythons eating crocodiles.   Yuck!

All in all it was a good run, it felt like productive miles not just filler miles.  There were some runs in January that felt like mostly filler.  Today was like most Fridays- a rest day.   After leaving work, I fought the Friday crowd at Trader Joe’s- not a good idea- before heading home.   The mail delivered presents!!!!!

Oh, wow that's pink
Oh, wow that’s pink

I just ordered them Tuesday night so the shipping was great!  Have to say that these are my first pairs of compression socks.   Oh the shame  🙂  Anytime my pics showed me in knee socks, they were derby socks.   I am eager to test them out on my long run this weekend.  The weather is calling for rain on Saturday so the timing of that run is a little up in the air.  The rain wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for my proclivity for slipping.   But we desperately need rain, so no complaints here.   Even if it means I have to dodge rocks on the road while driving to work  🙂

Any one have big plans this weekend?

Any ideas on how I can learn to like coffee faster?

Reward, Run!, Slacker

Then I ended up in the natural history museum…

Wednesday was a late day at work, so that turned into another rest day.  Oh well, I just considered it a way to distance myself from Monday’s frustration.   I have class on Thursdays but there are two hours in between school and work that I need to fill.   This week I decided to try running.

So I have worked in this town for 8 almost 9 months, but run there once, and it was race on the beach so it doesn’t count.   I mapped out a route that I was going to take and then had to change it because everyone I work with said I would be hit by a car on that particular road.  Awww, so confidence inspiring.   So they helped me make another route.  Since this was the first time running before class, I figured 3.5 miles was a good goal.  It would give me a good run and some time to stretch out before class and maybe study a little.

I set off with a goal of turning around 2 streets past a major street in town.  According to Google maps that is.  So I pass the main street at about 1 mile, thinking ok a little a farther than I turn around.  By then I was in the state park.  The first street is right inside the state park, so I knew I was still on track, so I ran on.  The park had towering eucalyptus trees lining the ocean on one side and a golf course on the other so I was enjoying the view.    It was heavily overcast but it was still pretty.  I was running and looking for the road on the left when suddenly was I was in the natural history museum.  Umm what?  That was the 2 mile mark, not 1.25.   How did I miss the street?  Pulled my phone out and checked the GPS, yep, 1.95 miles.  Crap!  So I turned around and starting running back.

Grey but pretty!
Grey but pretty!


The route to the museum had been all downhill.  So now I was on a time crunch, farther away from my car than planned with just shy of 2 miles uphill to go. Passed a dirt track on the way back that was the service trail for golf courts, was that what Google maps showed as a street?   That is not a street!!!

I pushed all the way back, only having to take a walk break once up the worst hill.   Got back to my car and was at 3.95 miles, figured what the heck, I am already late, I might as well hit 4 exactly and went around the block another time.  🙂  So Thursday’s easy run turned into a tempo by necessity.  It felt good though.  I think I like running in overcast chilled weather.   I live in the wrong town, hehe.


Which brings us to Sunday’s long run.  I set out with a plan for 8.5 miles.  I planned on running to the track.  Same route as my previous long run with an additional loop, so I only would have to do 3 miles on the track.    Turns out the loop only added .5 mile not a full one.  So that meant 3.5 miles on the track.  I started out before 9 and it was already hot.   It gets hot here and I know that, but it’s a dry heat, I can handle that.  However these last three days haven’t been a dry heat, it has been so muggy.  Yuck! 😦

I woke up tired Sunday morning but knew I had to get going.  I finished all 8.5 miles with another .5 mile cooldown, but they were some slow, hot, tired miles.   It was so steamy; I had a salt problem for the first time ever, or lack of.  I was sweating salt.   I had water and Gatorade, too.   That has never happened to me before, hopefully it doesn’t again.  Maybe I need to try something else.   If the weather stays like this I may run my next long run in the gym on a treadmill.   I don’t think I can do 10 miles in that humidity.   But that’s 2 weeks from now, so the weather should break by then.  Fingers crossed.


On the upside, I spent Saturday car shopping and managed to get rid of the clunker!!! Woo hoo!!!!!!  Moving on from gas guzzling crap to (hopefully) sleek, heavy mileage friendly.      My SUV sure looked pretty but it stranded me the day after I bought it, made it 3 years but commuting 35 miles one way 2x a day was killing me.  I am so looking forward to the drive this week!!!!


Goodbye gas hog...
Goodbye gas hog…









Now onto to a relaxing Monday off!  With some cross training stationary bike later.


Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!

oops!, Run!, Slacker

Too much sun = Ouch

Apparently I can run 13 miles in the sun and be fine, but a few hours at the beach paddle boarding? That really kicked my ass.  By Sunday night, I had a splitting headache, I even tried sleeping with an icepack.  Woke up Monday still feeling crappy but dragged myself to work.  I only made it half way through the day though. 😦 One crappy thing about a commute is that once you leave work sick, you still have to drive all the way home!

I did make it home, showered and crawled into bed with a blanket.   You know it’s bad when you’re sleeping in the middle of the day with a blanket.  Particularly when it’s almost 100 outside.   So much for Monday’s planned run.   I still felt poorly on Tuesday so I took another rest day.  Slacker!  On the upside, two days off gave the burned tops of my feet a little more time to heal. 🙂

I planned to do an easy 2.5 miles on Wednesday, just 2 laps around the park.  However my friend was unable to make it.  My mother had been texting me that she wanted to walk while I ran, so I said ok.    Downside of not stopping halfway like planned?  An extra 10 degrees.  When I parked my car, the internal thermometer read a nice toasty 100.   Oh boy!   But I was gonna take it easy right?  So I changed, grabbed water and was out the door.

Even the trees look hot :(
Even the trees look hot 😦

Had to fix a shoelace, so I bent over to tighten it.   A little over half a mile later, I realized I was missing something.  I had never picked my water bottle back up!    Seriously where was my head?   But I pushed on cursing the hills and missing the nice flat lake path.  Finished 3.5 miles, some very slow miles.   I am telling myself that any forward motion is a good thing, right?

Now I just have to work out when to get in a 6.5-7 mile long run before Sunday and I will be on track.   Plus I have a 5k next week to look forward to!!

 dune run run

Anyone have any races to be excited about in the future?