Awkward recovery miles with a puppy

After Saturday’s painful PR, I took it easy on Sunday.  Well kind of.  I figured I could go and take Zoey for a walk.  That way I could test how my calf felt but not be tempted to run.    My parent’s yard is always in a constant state of revision and Sunday called for moving rocks.  So I helped move a few bucketful before taking the puppy out. Strength training!

Matching's not important right?
Matching’s not important right?

After a day of playing in the yard while everyone was there (puppy nirvana), she was not having any part of a walk.   We made it a little over a mile before turning around.  She kept just sitting on the ground and looking at me, like- nope.  The final straw was running into a family.  A couple was out for a walk with a baby in a stroller and their son of around 4.   The little boy stops and hides behind his dad, Zoey stops and hides behind me.  The dad apologizes that the son is afraid of dogs, I apologize and say that Zoey is afraid of kids.  This made us all laugh.  Once the little boy realized Zoey was more freaked out by him, he relaxed.   Zoey and I headed back towards the house, only to be rushed by a crazy dog thing about 3 blocks later.

A little relaxing
A little relaxing

Now, normally I think little dogs are cute, but this, I am not even sure what it was.  It was the size of a small Chihuahua, had a ton of brown fur like a poodle and a head like a monkey.   It came out from under a fence and charged us.  It was so small that Zoey and I just stared at it trying to figure out what it was.  As it got closer, I noticed it only had teeth on the right side of it’s mouth.  Ummm, no thank you.  We jogged away.  A guy 2 houses down was laughing at us, so I get the feeling this dog does this a lot.  The pup and I chilled a little in the grass at the school before heading home.  Total puppy miles- 2.2  Puppy time- 43:18.

Today, I slept in a little before running some errands.   Then I headed out for a short easy run.  The first mile felt weird.  Nothing really hurt but everything felt off.  Not sure if it was due to Saturday’s leg issue or the fact that my new shorts are a little shorter than I originally thought.   🙂   I spent the next few miles taking it slow and paying attention to my form.   I made sure to take walking breaks if I felt more than a niggle from my leg.   I didn’t feel really normal until the end, and I picked up the pace just a bit for the last half mile.


I actually have a crazy week at work ahead, so I am thinking of taking a step back week.  Only doing short easier runs this week.  I really want this stupid leg thing to be a non-issue, so if I have to rest I would rather it be now than a month from now right before my half.    So I may need to spend some time on the stationary bike in the near future.  😦

Official race times were posted yesterday and my official time was 55:40.  4 seconds faster than I had, sweet!  Not so sweet was the worst race picture of me that I have seen to date.   Not only did I look larger than usual, I am full on grimacing.  Oh, yay.

I have really loved this 4 day weekend but where did the time go?  I have to go back to work tomorrow? Boo 😦

Who else had today off?

How was everyone’s weekend?

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  1. Haha, a head like a monkey! I just pictured the weirdest looking dog! I had to work yesterday for the holiday, but got triple time for it so…can’t really complain. I took today off though, for our fifth anniversary. Heading out into the snow for lunch with family – definitely better than work!


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