Slight Stumbling Block

Happy Hump Day!!!!  Although by the time this is posted, it may be Thursday.  🙂 Which is better right?

Monday I was set to run after work.  My ankle was a bit sore Sunday evening and Monday, so I figured I would head to the gym for the softer but boring treadmill.   I changed before leaving work which involved taking off my derby socks and then went to tidy up a few things.  That little amount of walking around the building made me rethink things.  I was more than sore, I was straight up hurting.    I had an argument with myself about what to do.   I was smart, urgh, and did not run.   I did not run yesterday nor today.  😦  Instead I have spent time like this-

Ice, Ice Baby
Ice, Ice Baby

What you can’t see is the laptop open to a blank page that should be a paper and a Netflix marathon on the tv.    Does that kind of marathon count?   I have spent plenty of time stretching and foam rolling too.

Tomorrow is up in the air.  I am optimistically taking my running clothes with me but I am not expecting much right now.  The smart little voice in my head says I should just take the 5 week days off.  The cranky runner in me is growling at that.   Grrrh.  I have a half marathon in 25 days and have not done a long run since February 9.   I was hoping to get to a 12 mile training run this time around but at this point I will be thrilled with a crawling 10 8 next weekend.  I am supposed to racing a 5K on the 8th too, but I am not sure about that now.

Friday will probably end up to be a very long work day, like 12 hours or more, so I have absolutely no guilt about not running that day.  Yesterday was a later meeting so it was easier not being able to run since I was busy.    This weekend will hopefully have some decent runs (please!) but I also have a date with the Running Warehouse.   My Inspire‘s have not seemed friendly lately and they only have 250 miles on them.  I think it is time to be refitted for shoes.  Especially when I consider that I have only been fitted once and it was before I even ran, I was 40 pounds heavier and had never been on a treadmill before.  I am interested to see if things have changed since then.  Also hoping that it may help my ankle issues.

Not using that word but yeah... Thanks Pinterest
Not using that word but yeah…
Thanks Pinterest

I am anxious to get back up to speed, with last’s week’s easy miles and this weeks zero, I feel like I am falling behind.  I had such hopes for Wine Country and even more for the SLO Marathon.  Plus I feel like I just sound like a complete cranky pants right now, sorry!  I was so bored tonight, I weighed my cat, which also meant I weighed myself, ugh.  She’s 15 pounds by the way, she doesn’t look that big, but maybe she needs a treadmill too.

KimiAs I type this, I can hear it pouring outside, yay- rain!!!!!  Driving home not so much fun but the rain is awesome.  Keep it coming!

Who’s racing this weekend?

How has everyone’s week been going?

12 thoughts on “Slight Stumbling Block

  1. Haha I’m marathoning Gossip Girl on Netflix right now, it’s so easy to just start the next episode! Hope your ankle feels better, it’s not fun to not run but your legs will thank you!


  2. You can do it! Netflix marathoning counts! It requires a lot of training to be able to watch 10 episodes back-to-back, that’s not for the faint of heart or the easily distracted! You’re working on mental focus and emotional toughness.


  3. I just switched shoes. The ones I had did have over 100 miles on them, but since most of them were indoor, I wasn’t worried about it. My ankle/foot on the left side have been killing me, I was limping the other night.
    Then I went Duh. And put on my new running shoes for my next outdoor trip. My foot hasn’t hurt since then… so we’ll see!


  4. I bet it’s your shoes, whenever I start to have aches and pains I know it’s time to get a new pair. Hope your ankle feels better soon! I’m in the slightly-injured category right now too, it sucks a lot.


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