HOB Fun Run-Race Recap

Race day!!!!  However, I was so comfy this morning; I had a very hard time getting out of bed.   I pushed it as far as possible before getting up and ready to go.  I ended up choosing to go with my new capris and a green running tank.    I have a problem eating food before a race but I got one Belvita cracker down, grabbed my Gatorade and candy corns and was out the door.

As I wandered down to the starting line, it was so cold.  My arms and toes were so cold but I had nowhere to stow a jacket, so I made sure to stand on the sunny side of street.   Waiting to line for the starting gun, I always have a sudden moment of panic.  A dizzying array of thoughts that all lead back to “oh my god, why am I doing this, I’m gonna fall on my face”.  There was a little delay with the starting gun, had to wait for the police escort to get back!   Another thing I like about this race- a motorcycle cop leads the way for both the 10K and the 5K.  He arrived and we were off!

I normally start out too fast and slow from there.  This time I wanted to maintain pace as best as I could.  I had a goal in mind but wasn’t sure if I could pull it off, but I was going to try.  So I focused on my breathing, picked someone in front of me to pace-stalk and kept going.

Mile 2 I was feeling good, hit the turn-around at 2.2 miles and headed back to complete the first loop.  Here I discovered a new running fear.  I have always been afraid of being the last to finish a race and yes I know that last is better than never started.   However at 2.5 miles, the leaders with the lovely pace officer were heading towards their mile 5.  Umm, what?  Was I going to get lapped before I had even completed the first lap?  Yikes!

Sprinting to the finish!!! 10K
Sprinting to the finish!!! 10K

It didn’t happen, whew.  I rounded the corner to finish lap 1 and the Grizzly Academy in uniform was standing in a line over half the block, cheering runners on.  Good pick me up!    Now, here’s a question, does a 5k PR count if it’s during a 10k?  When I ran passed the clock, it said 27:44… hell yeah!  But now I had to maintain it, and I really wanted to take a walking break.  No!  This was partially practice for my upcoming half, so I pushed on.  By mile 4.5, the person I was pace-stalking graduated from a 1 block lead to a 2 block lead.   I was actually maintaining pace, so they must have been one of those people talented enough to pull negative splits.  Finally mile 6 and the finish line was just around the corner.  Just keep running, just keep running, just keep running and done!  55:57.   Only by 3 seconds but still 55 minutes!!!!  Part of me wanted to do a little jig but I was tired!  And I had another race in 15 minutes.



Met up with my mom (photographer) and C and her husband at the finish line.  I was running the 5K with them.  Took some photos and had a quick shirt/ bib/ chip change.  I also refueled with some Gatorade and a few candy corns.  Yummy, carbs and sugar. Ok, time to line up again.  I told C and her husband that I would probably tire quickly and drop back.   The gun rang out and we were off!


Wardrobe change!
Wardrobe change!

I was able to stay strong with them for the first 1.5 miles.  Plus it was kind of nice having someone to talk to while running.   The halfway point was a little rough, but I hung in there and we kept running.  Around 2.2 again, I really wanted to walk but forced myself to pick it up a bit.  Yeah that lasted for like a block.   Just before the 3 mile mark, C’s husband starts telling us to pick it up; we could do it, just run!  Seriously dude?  But we did, rounded that last corner and finished at 30:22.  C and I managed to finish at the exact same time, he finished a few seconds ahead.    I’ll take it!!!  Way better than I was aiming for.  I told him thanks because without his prodding, I so would have walked at least part of that.


We didn't plan to match,we're just good like that, hehe
We didn’t plan to match,we’re just good like that, hehe

Then I realized, I had just run a 10K and a 5k without any walking!   Where did that come from!  We took some more pictures and waited for everyone we knew to cross the finish line.  I also ran over to the race truck to check the official finishing times, have to see it to believe it you know.


Then C and I lined back up.  We were running the half mile with a co-workers son.  Yep, another race.  I think I lost my mind.  He was so cute and so excited, though, I was hoping he would go slow.   Starting gun sounds and he was off like a bullet.  Woah, C and I had to bolt to catch him.  He held strong till about the 3rd block, and then he needed a walk.  Oh, thank you.  So we walked half a block and then ran the other half.  Rounded the corner and he slowed.  It was piggy back time!  C carried him for a block, then he ran/ walked another 2.  2 blocks from the end, we rounded a corner at the park and there was a park bench.  Perfect time to take a seat!  We got him moving with another piggyback ride before he ran the final block and collected his super cool dog tag.  All in all a success!  And fun, too.

I was so done then, but M showed with Baby G.  I stuck around a little longer.


Cutest running partner ever!
Cutest running partner ever!

Eventually it occurred to me that I really needed food and a chair, so I headed out.  I met my mom for lunch and re- fueled with some amazing pizza!  Later in the afternoon, I indulged in some racing of another kind.  We went to the movies and saw Rush.   It was seriously good.  Very loud and very intense, but very good.  Don’t hold the popcorn in your lap; you may tip it when you cringe!  Not my usual cup of tea but I wouldn’t mind seeing it again.


Amazing goodness
Amazing goodness

Tomorrow should be an easy 3, but we will see how it goes.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!  Any one run a race or see any good movies?



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