Super Fun Run 5K- Recap

After Thursday’s recap, I took Friday as another rest day.  Attempted Runner asked if I had thought about just doing the last 3ish that I needed to hit 80 on Friday.  But I don’t generally like running the day before a race plus work turned into a longer day than planned. After work I had the very exciting Friday night plans of making a new playlist and picking out the clothes for today’s race. I probably should have done laundry. Then I tried to get to sleep earlier. That never seems to go according to plan.   Instead it was spent tossing and turning.

hmmm, shorts or pants?

The Super Fun Run is a small 5k /10k that raises money for the local Boys and Girls Club. I ran it last year with a few friends and it was my official 5k PR and the first time that I know of that I age group placed. I was 1st!!! So I was excited going into this race.   I was torn between running the 5K or the 10K and I admit it was pride that made me choose the 5K.

My goals going in were-
A- beat official PR- 29:36
B- beat unofficial PR- 27:41  (during HOB 10K)
C- shot in the dark- sub 27

Apparently I can’t handle the cold.    My alarm went off and after turning it off I checked the temp.  Mid 20’s.   Ugh, so I went with the pants.   At the last minute I grabbed a headband to cover my ears.   Even though the race was within in walking distance of my house, I still drove down.  Why?  It was freakin’ cold and I had to have somewhere to put the shirt and goody bag after bib pick up.    I waited as long as I could in my car after getting my bib before heading to start line.

There were a few pre-race announcements, a count down and then it was go time.   We ran across a baseball field and up a driveway before hitting pavement.  From there it is an out and back course with a few turns to add mileage.   Knowing the course and the small hill in the middle, I was aiming for a 3 mile sandwich- fast, medium, fast.      My toes were so cold,  I could not feel them.  I felt like I was running awkwardly.  I kept hoping they would warm up but they never did.    😦  3/4 of a mile in, I had a tightness in my chest and breathing sucked.   It hurt to breath.  A little past the mile 1 marker and halfway up the hill, I had to walk.   Ugh!!!    The downhill that followed was great, though.

Mile 1 was actually a great pace but I felt like I was in trouble.  I kept pushing but had to take another walk break on the next incline.   Meanwhile, 2 women come flying past on the return and I think crap!   I wasn’t even halfway and they were already headed back.  The turn around point was about 50 yards past the only water station so I grabbed some on the way back.

I cranked it up and flew down the downhill.  However my lungs were so very angry and when I hit the return uphill there was no way I was running it.    Another walk.  After that it was mostly flat and I tried to push it but I just felt like I could not get enough air and that I was crawling.   I didn’t even look at my Garmin the last 1.5 miles.  My toes were still frozen, my chest hurt but my head was suddenly too hot.  I ripped off my headband and kept going.  I took 2 more walk breaks.   I rounded the final corner and crossed the finish line.    I stopped the Garmin at 27:56.

Untitled picture

Now I realize that more than half the country and Canada are dealing with sub zero temperatures, crazy windchill and mountains of snow, so today’s 30 should have been no big deal.     However, I would rather run in 115 weather than cold.  I have no training with cold running.  It is dark and cold when I leave for work, but then I get a nice warm car for the next 45 minutes.  I am always cold, I have a space heater under my desk that I run every day at work.  Seriously.  This race kicked my ass.  Overall I took 5 walk breaks and they weren’t just at the inclines.

photo 3

I met my mom and Zoey after crossing the finish line.   I drank some water and tried to catch my breath.   She and the puppy left and I hung around to try and get some clue of the official standings.  I couldn’t remember seeing that many people coming back before I hit the turn around, but I was kind of on my own planet.

Official Time- 27:54
8th finisher overall
3rd female finisher, 3rd female age group

photo 4

I have no reason to feel down.  I made my primary goal but missed B by 15 seconds.   I am proud of what I accomplished but wish I could run the course again about 15 degrees warmer.  It was 30 when we started and it was still 30 when I left the race.  The website said that only 1st age group finishers received a medal so I ending up leaving early.  I could not handle the cold anymore.   And those 2 women who flew past me?  They finished in 18 minutes.  Hot damn!   I wish I could be that fast!

I was supposed to run another 9 miles after the race to complete my long run for the week but I made it home and ended up sitting on the ground by the slider in the sun until I could feel my toes again.     I’m so weird, I know.    🙂  My legs felt stiff all day so I decided to push my long run back to tomorrow.

photo 2 (2)

The shirt this year was actually really cute and much better than last years.  This was an actual dri-fit tee and last year’s was all cotton and not football themed at all.   I did treat myself to some post race frozen yogurt- 9 hours later when I was warmer.   🙂

photo 5

How was everyone’s Saturday?

Am I just a big baby when it comes to the cold?

16 thoughts on “Super Fun Run 5K- Recap

  1. Great job on accomplishing your goal and coming so close to the second – even when you thought the run wasn’t going to hot! And 3rd place finisher! Woo hoo!!! thats awesome!


  2. Aw that’s awesome this race raises money for the Boys & Girls Club, I used to work at one in Arizona and they are always in need of supplies and such! Haha you are not a big baby, I can’t handle cold either. Congrats on 3rd place!


  3. You’re not a big baby. I cannot run outside for anything right now! I’m doing the half in May so I’m looking forward to it getting warmer out so I can begin to train outdoors. The treadmill just isn’t cutting it. Great job on your time! I ran a 5k on the treadmill at the gym in 28:20 and it kicked my butt!


  4. Not a big baby at all! You ran an amazing race considering how tough that must have been in the cold. It’s SO hard to breathe in temps like that.


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