I’m an Ambassador!!!!!!

Last week, I promised big news and now for the follow through.  I’m the type of person who likes to check and then double-check and the check again before announcing something.   I want to make sure I read something right or that it wasn’t a mistake or that they won’t change their mind, etc.     Anyways, on to the news!!!!


In my goals post I mentioned that I would love to race the SLO Marathon in April.  I have wanted to run the half for the past 2 years but was never able to make it work.  Either illness or finances would get in the way and I would spend part of race weekend mildly pouting.   So this year I was making it a priority, I was going to run it.  So when it popped up in my Facebook feed that they were looking for Ambassadors for the 2014 race, I about jumped out of my chair.

It was prettier in person
It was prettier in person

I love SLO, seriously if I could live there I would.  The weather is usually amazing which is good because many of my races have been run in SLO.   I spend many a weekend there shopping and eating- and running.  I always come home with a little less money and a full stomach.  Now being that I am a steak and potatoes kind of girl I admit that I don’t branch out often, but have enjoyed some of the best hamburgers and BBQ there.  I consider it a reward for a good race– or a rough week.  🙂

Healthy all week until post race reward right?
Healthy all week until post race reward right?

I stared at the post for a bit and then texted a friend (I needed a little encouragement) before putting together an email and submitting it.    I then proceeded to stalk my own email for a week or two.   I was super excited but nervous as well.   Even after a few years of running I still doubt myself sometimes.   But I got an email back!!!!

small town

They asked for a bio and a picture which I promptly sent back.  I then still waited a little more before posting this (I also replied from the wrong email and had a temporary panic attack).  I am so excited!!!!!    I now have a new focus for training and a new goal race in April.  🙂  You’ll be hearing more about the race from me in future, hopefully I can convince you to come join us on race weekend!

Oh, did I mention that Dean Karnazes ran it?

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  1. So we know they have good taste… This makes me think they’re a smart organization.


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