A Little Taper and SLO Strategy

For the first time, I think I am fully embracing taper week.   Saturday’s race left me a little sorer than I thought I would be so taper has come at the perfect time.  However that also means that the SLO Marathon-1/2 is only 4 days away.   How did that happen?!  Where has the time gone?

After resting on Sunday, I headed to the lake on Monday for an easy 4 miles.    I completed 3.5 and they were not easy.   I don’t remember being this sore after last years Firehouse 5K.  I would have said that I was better trained this year but the calf tightness and overall soreness told me differently.  Not cool.   The first mile was rough, my legs were so not happy.   Mile 2 was wonky but a little less awkward.  Mile 3 involved a short walk- got a text message, it was the perfect excuse to walk a bit.  🙂  That mile actually felt the best by the end.  3.5 miles brought me back to the car and I figured it was best not to push it, so I called it and stretched before heading home.

Felt sore, so I rocked the polka dots
Felt sore, so I rocked the polka dots

On Tuesday, I managed to wear heeled boots all day.  Sometimes I feel like heels help stretch my calves and ease them somewhat.  You know what else helped?  Foam roller and ice.  It was a rest day from running but I did some yoga poses and stretches and spent some time with my roller.   I also slept in a pair of compression socks.   🙂     And  I  wore a pair to work today (under my dress pants) with flats.  Gotta change it up right?

Tonight I met my mom and the puppy at the lake path.  She had heard me talk about it had never really seen it.  It’s very dog friendly and I always thought the puppy would like it.    She loved it- so much to see and smell- she was in doggy heaven.  She was also very behaved.    I walked a 1/2 mile warm up with them before running ahead.   I felt a little lingering stiffness but was overall better.      Since we were planning on doing dinner after, I figured the same 3 laps as Monday (3.5 miles) would be good.  I finished up and saw them getting water at her car, so I turned off my Garmin.    My mom decided the path was fun, so we ended up doing another lap of jogging/ walking.   I hadn’t turned the Nike+ app off it so I let it gather mileage until 4.5 miles.

Why is that visor so purple?!

Tomorrow will be another rest day, loving this taper right now, so I am heading into SLO to pick up a cake from the Madonna Inn.  The Madonna Inn is also the finish line and expo location for the race. The cake is my thank you to my mom, since I have hired her as my driver all weekend.  🙂  I think that’s a promotion from race photographer to crew chief, right?  I bought a bus ticket for the race on Sunday but I get antsy if I have lots of time to think.  The plan is for her to drop me off as close to the start as possible.  🙂     This might mean a walk, but that’s just warming up right?

This will be the expo!
This will be the expo!

I am so excited for this race weekend to come.    I’ve accepted that this is probably not going to be when I break 2 hours in a race.  While the medication my doctor prescribed has helped me feel better in some ways, my system does not like it in other ways.  😦    My last dose will actually be Sunday evening.  Ugh.   My goal for the race is to hang out with the 2:00 pace group as long as possible.   I was in front of them for 9 miles at City to the Sea, so maybe if I start slower, maybe I will get closer to the 2:00 mark.  Fingers crossed!

In other news, I have vacation days coming up!!!  Friday and Monday, I will be sleeping in!!!!  Another thing to look forward to this weekend!!!  The day off on Friday gives me time to contemplate the serious things.  Like, what does one wear to a race expo where they are an Ambassador?  No really, I mean it.  I am looking forward to the expo, it will be the biggest one I have been to and I am excited to check everything out.  I am also looking forward to meeting all of the other ambassadors.

Happy Hump day!!!

How has your week been going?

What’s the biggest expo you’ve been to?

8 thoughts on “A Little Taper and SLO Strategy

  1. You’re so close! Best of luck to you! Every time I’ve PR’d, I did a negative split. I’d start out slow, and then pick up the pace as I went. Each time it’s a cool feeling to first see the pacer off in the distance, then catch up to them, then pass them. On an earlier race, I tried to stay with the pacer from the start, and it didn’t work out so well. So don’t lose hope if the pacers leave you behind at the start!


    1. Thanks! I have troubles with the whole start out slow, haha. Assuming the pacer is good, me starting with them will be still be slower than I started last time. So, we’ll see how it goes!


  2. How exciting! Good luck with your race. You know sometimes PRs surprise us so don’t count it out. I went to the Chicago marathon expo when my boyfriend was running it – that place was insane!


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