Tiny Tempo Time

Happy Hump Day!!!!

After Saturday’s race, I was feeling a little sore and my left ankle was not the happiest camper.  In an earlier post I had mentioned that I was was rethinking my training plan.  While I liked the way the app worked and laid out the plan, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.  It went from my Slacker to crazy a little too quickly.  Plus I kind of felt like running had become work.  That I had to meet certain goals at certain times.    So while I was still following it I was thinking of other ideas.   Going back to the original plan but with a little twist, so bring on the Slacker Reboot!  But that’s for a later post  🙂

Yeah, that's how we do rain, haha
Yeah, that’s how we do rain, haha

With that in mind as well as the ankle uncomfortable-ness, I took it easy on Sunday as opposed to getting in a long run.    While everyone else may have been excited about the Super Bowl, my excitement was brought on by waking up to rain!!!!  Nowhere near what we needed but it was still great.   I waited for it to warm up a bit so I headed out for an afternoon run.  I ran right through kickoff!!  Yeah, the Super Bowl’s not really my thing.   This time I was prepared in full pants, my warmest long sleeve short and a big ear warmer.   It was so much better than Saturday, but it was also 15º warmer.    My goal was to take it easy and just enjoy the lightly misting rain.   As I topped the last hill and was just shy of mile 4, the sky opened up.    Overall I hit 4.31 miles. My splits weren’t the best or share worthy but I love the pace of that last little bit 🙂

Can you tell when it started to pour?
Can you tell when it started to pour?

Monday’s post was all about the awesome SLO Marathon and how excited I am but I did get in a run that day. It was day 1 of new plan after all.   It was a very sluggish 3.5 miles on the treadmill.   At least that’s how I felt.  My average pace was 10:06 and as a rarity, I ran a negative split.  Sweet!  Now if only I could do it intentionally.   I was actually supposed to do 4 miles but just wasn’t feeling it.   I decided not to push it.  I did a short cool down walk before leaving.  I always turn my Garmin or Nike+ off before my cool down.  I can’t decide if its overly prideful because I don’t want to lower my pace or if it’s silly and I am shorting myself mileage.  What do you think?

Tuesday was a planned rest day and it was so nice  🙂  Today I hit the gym again after work and got in a nice tiny Tempo run.  I ran 6 miles with a warmup mile and a cool down mile, with the 4 miles in between at a 9:00 pace.  At least that was the plan.  Warm up and cool down went according to plan, but the 4 inner miles were 9:30 pace.  Oops.  My ankle was a little stiff but it eased up as I ran.  I was also a little tired since I randomly decided to quit soda today.  I am still trying to force myself to like coffee.  I am not sure how long this is going to last as I have tried numerous times before but we’ll see how it goes!  I told myself I could have soda on the weekends.  That would be allowed… So when is it Saturday?

I admit that I am so over the treadmill.  Part of me actually wonders if it is contributing to my sore ankle.  This lovely article from Runner’s World tells me I no longer have to put the incline at 2, so sweet!!! Today’s run was at .5.    I rewarded myself after my run with this yummy smoothie-


It is really sad how tired I am right now.  I didn’t drink that much soda anymore anyways.   The Doc took away my diet soda, so I cut down to a small coke a day.   My head is actually not pounding right now so at least that’s something!

How is everyone’s week?

Anyone else stop their GPS early?

Want to come run SLO? I have a discount code!!!!

15 thoughts on “Tiny Tempo Time

  1. I just use the treadmill computer calculations when I run inside, but typically when I do the Garmin outside I will start it when I start actually running and stop it before I walk to cool down. I feel like if it includes the walking before and after that it’s not giving me an accurate pace for when I was running…


  2. Hopefully, we only have another month or so until we can make the slow move off of the treadmill and onto the pavement… Until then, I would just be happy that you made your way to the treadmill at all!! This weather is exhausting! Nice work!!:)


  3. I stopped using inclines on the treadmill unless specifically doing a hill workout. I think it contributed to a foot injury (the pull back of the belt when on the incline — I’d been using 4%). At any rate, I usually set the treadmill to run faster than I typically do on my road training runs, so I figured that did more for me than an incline. Thanks for sharing the article link.


    1. I started backing off the incline last week. My ankle has been aching and the only thing I could think of was the treadmill. I feel better when I run outside. Then that article came out. No incline for me this week!

      An incline of 4!! That’s crazy talented!


  4. I stop my RunKeeper app when I’m done running – even if I’m still a half mile from home and have to mix in a little jogging with my walking just to keep from freezing in the cold. I don’t consider it prideful at all. We want to know how well we’re running, and tracking the warmup & cool down doesn’t add any benefit to that data… Unless your main interest is tracking the number of miles traveled.


    1. I think I’d rather have my app show a better pace than higher mileage. I try to have my runs in my neighborhood end at the bottom of my driveway. That way I can turn the app off while I walk up it 🙂


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