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It rained!!!!!  Only for a bit and it was more of a mist but it rained!   It happened while I was working Saturday, I tried to take a picture but it just looks gray.   We’re in the middle of a drought so any rain is exciting.  Granted I wasn’t in my home town and it turns out it didn’t get any rain.  Driving home in the rain and fog was less exciting.  I was behind a car going 40 in a 60, but that was actually ok as I could hardly see the car itself due to the fog.


It really is raining!
It really is raining!

I arrived home to find new toys in the mail!  My new belt had arrived.  I had searched numerous web sites and asked  fellow bloggers opinions as I was super frustrated by my current hydration belt.   After checking things out, RunningFromitAll (awesome blog) recommended iFitness.  Duh! They made my basic running belt that I really liked aside from it being too small for longer races.  I had forgotten about them.  So I checked out their website, turns out they changed their name to Fitletic.  After mulling things over, I ordered myself a new belt.


New gear!
New gear!

Now this is not a hydration belt.  I can order the add on’s for that but I think I am going to try it without.  There are 5 water stations in my next half marathon, so I figure between those and a little handheld with Gatorade, I will be ok.  At least that is the plan.  We’ll see how it works out after the race.  It has 2 pockets and some straps for gels, as well as race bib holders.   I probably won’t use the bib holders, I tend to wear my belt really low on my hips.   My phone does fit much better in this belt as well.


I was torn between the track and the gym for my run, but I really wanted to test out my new belt.  The track won.  Which is more than fine by me, the track is my “happy place”.  I was aiming for between 4-5 miles and was thinking about trying some 800’s.  I felt pretty good after my first mile, so I decided to just try and maintain pace as long as I could.  I had a larger bottle of water to carry but it was driving me bonkers so I left it on a table by the track.

I hit mile 4 and still felt good, so I kept going.  My mother had come with me for this workout and I noticed then that she was doing her sprints.  She does those when she nears the end of her workout.  I rounded the south curve and hit mile 5, and she was sitting on the table waiting.  It was too good of run to quit so I pushed through to a full 10K.   Mile 6 was my best mile out of the 6, 9:38 🙂  My overall pace was better than my previous run on the treadmill.  But I also love the track now, like I said, it’s a happy place.  I hated it in high school, but then I hated running too.  I have always been a slacker.  I was actually asked a couple times if I wanted to run track back then and I was like “why the heck would I do that?”.  I ran the required amount for tennis and softball and that was it.  Not a foot more.  Now I wish I had maybe given it a shot then, maybe it wouldn’t be so hard now.


Today was a designated Slacker day.  I spent the day shopping.  Prior to getting healthier and losing weight, I use to say that window shopping was exercise, all that walking up and down the street right?  My Nike Fuelband quickly put that theory to rest.  Shopping days are actually some of my laziest days.  I earn more fuel points at work, and I sit at a desk a lot.   Today, I discovered that trying on clothes is a work out, haha!  I went to Dick’s to look for a new pair of running capris.  I tried on 9 pairs, that was just ridiculous.   I ended up going with the Nike Filament Capri, which was funny because they were the pair I liked the least on the rack and based on fabric.  Once on, though, they felt awesome.  Now to see if they run awesome.

All black but cute!
All black but cute!













I also picked up some new work clothes for a steal 🙂  and ate some yummy food.  I picked up a few things to finish the mini room makeover, but still haven’t been able to get the headboard to work.  All in all, a very good Slacker Sunday.


So yummy, I snacked a bit first :)
So yummy, I snacked a bit first 🙂
Almost there!!
Almost there!!

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and kicked ass in any races 🙂


8 Comments on “My Happy Place

  1. Totally didn’t know that ifitness changed their name! But I hope you enjoy the belt. I have the add on bottles, they are great. And yay for shopping! 🙂


  2. I totally didn’t know that ifitness changed their name! I hope you enjoy the belt, I have the add on bottles and I like that they can be taken off. Also, yay for shopping! And rain! 🙂


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