Little Lessons

Things I learned today-

  1. Don’t go to physical therapy with a good hair day, it won’t survive.
  2. My posture sucks.
  3. The cute new running shirt I just bought, yeah it sucks too.  I bought it to be a shirt, not ride up into a sports bra.
  4. I’m a bad friend who has still not made it to see my friends new house.

After toughing it out on Saturday, I was hoping that some decent sleep would help me feel better on Sunday.  I was aiming to get in 6 easy miles.  Yeah, um no.  My headache had traded up from the minor leagues to a migraine. 😦  I was not up to running; I wasn’t up for much of anything at all.  Normally migraines make me super nauseous and I don’t want to eat anything.  I swear this one gave me the freaking munchies.  I was so hungry all day.  I managed to go to lunch with my mom and a friend but I hardly talked.  All I did was inhale pizza.   How social of me.  After that I just went home and crashed. | RUNNING CAN BE GIVEN
Or pizza…

Today, I started physical therapy for my neck.   Apparently I use the wrong muscles and everything I do aggravates it.  Except running, running makes my neck feel ok.  🙂 That is the only time I have good posture, but then I worked hard on that.  I pay attention to my posture when I run and correct it when I start to slump.  Shoulders not invited to that party 🙂  The other 95% of the time, not so much.  So I let the doctor poke and prod and push and pull, I almost jumped of the table and smacked her at point, it hurt- a lot.   Yeah, so maybe I should have gone in sooner.   I tend to procrastinate doctor’s appointments.   So now I have some new stretches to learn as well change how I sit at work as well as drive.   No fun.

My head wasn’t happy today but it was nowhere near yesterday’s level, so yeah for small things!  Work was actually pretty good, we are finally operating with a full staff again, woo hoo!   I decided to run a few laps around the lake after work.   I figured if my head started to hurt, the car would be fairly close.

It started out a little awkward.   Nothing really hurt, I just felt like I was running weird.  Then again, my lower back was sore was trying to adjust the way I sit all day.   That may have been the reason for hinky-ness.   It took about 1.5 miles before I felt settled down, and the next 2 miles flowed pretty well.    I ended up averaging a 10:18 pace for the run and after the last week, I will take it.  So even though I had to keep pulling down my shirt, I will call it a good run.  Hopefully, I can get in a another good one in the next couple of days, maybe 4-5 miles.   I have 6 days to go until my half marathon!  Eek!!!!!

Gotta love Pinterest
That about sums it up 🙂

Last night, I dreamed that it was already Sunday and that I overslept.   I dreamed that I woke up at 6:40 and freaked out.  The race starts at 7:00 AM and is 35 minutes away.  I about had a panic attack.  I lurched to my phone, half asleep just to check the clock.  Only 4:42, whew.  Then I realized it was Monday, I still had days to go. Crazy!

So this week I have volleyball and school and hopefully one last good run in.   And fingers crossed, I will get to my friends new house!

Hope everyone had a decent Monday!  


Anyone else ever have any crazy race dreams?   

4 thoughts on “Little Lessons

  1. I stress over pretty much everything!! And most of it will never come true – drives my family crazy! It’s really something I should work on. Have yet to have a nightmare about racing, but November will be my first BIG race – half marathon. I’m sure the anxieties will kick in soon!


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