Troubles with counting…

Sleep has not been my friend these past few days.  After Wednesday’s rest day, I had planned to do 4 miles in between work and class on Thursday.  I was still exhausted when I woke that morning.  We have also had 2 people out sick during the week and numerous sick customers.  Not cool.   Half way through the day I had a sore throat and a headache.  No!

I didn’t feel sick but I didn’t feel well either.  I thought long and hard on whether I should run or not.  I am so afraid of getting sick right now.  I have just over 7 days until City to the Sea.   I ran my second half marathon 2 weeks after having the stomach flu.  That was hell.  I cried at mile 10.  I don’t mean little sniffles; I mean balled my eyes out. I was so done.  😦 I am not doing that again, so I chose to rest and not run.   My running bag and shoes were on the floor of my passenger seat.  I felt like they were judging me on my drive to school.  😦

Friday was more of the same, with an added bonus of waking up at 4AM with a gnarly Charlie horse.  Ouch!  On top of that work was crazy busy.  I spent the day popping Vitamin C and trying to firmly believe in mind over matter.   All this led to another rest day.  But I had done 3 off in a row before, I would be ok right?

Apparently I can’t count.  Checked my nike app this morning and it showed zero miles for October.  That hurt.  Then I noticed the date, October 5.  Wait, what?  But I had only had 3 rest days.  Then it dawned on me that volleyball on Tuesday may have not been a rest day but it didn’t add any miles either.  I hadn’t run in 4 days.  Well crap.


What the hell happened?
What the hell happened?

My head still ached but I had to get in a few miles.  After getting my errands done, laundry done, car cleaned and helping my parents schlep some concrete, I was going to rest for a bit and then head to the gym for some very easy treadmill miles.   Yeah, that rest turned into me falling asleep on the floor.  Oops.   When I woke up I had lost my enthusiasm for the gym.  But I changed my clothes, put on my running shoes and headed out the door.

I didn’t go to the gym but instead just ran / walked around my neighborhood.  Downside to that is there are a lot of hills.  Those were some hard four miles.  I was tired and sluggish and just wanted to be done.


Not the best but moving forward
Walking counts as moving forward right?

But they were run.   I actually felt ok after the run.  My headache had briefly gone away.  It eventually came back but here’s hoping some sleep and a nice relaxing Sunday helps it go away.  Maybe with some more easy miles thrown in.


Anyone else having a rough start to the weekend?

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