Running on Empty (almost)

Friday was rough but I made it through most of the day at work.  After leaving work, I decided since those 4 days off hadn’t helped me feel better so why not try a little walk?  I walk/ crawled 3 miles with my mom.  That way if my stupid idea backfired, I’d have help nearby.  See?  Not so stupid.   I know I wasn’t feeling well but man she walks fast!  I had troubles keeping up.   At our race next Saturday, I said I would go her pace.  At this rate, I may have to run just to keep up with her walking pace!

Saturday was work and not so bad.   It was a little busier than usual but that  just made the day go by quicker.  After work, I wandered around a few antique stores before heading to the gym with my mom.   I still wasn’t feeling the greatest so I was just putting along on the treadmill when I glanced over to mom.  This was only her third time at the gym so I was checking how she was doing.  I thought I read the damn thing wrong; she had the incline at level 15!!    I looked at her and said what the hell?!  Her response was that she was training for next weekend’s race.  I was like, its Valencia Peak, not Everest and we’re not even going all the way up!   See what I mean?  She’s going to leave me in the dust!


So with Fridays’ slow miles and then Saturdays, I managed to make my goal for Week 1 of Pile on the Miles.  Granted it was a small goal to begin with but I did it!!!

One of the reasons that I put in a few miles on Friday, maybe when I shouldn’t have, is because I have a race tomorrow!    And could I have signed up for a nice, quick 5K? Nope, instead it is an 8 mile run for Operation Run.  Operation Run is a charity event that that Operation Surf puts on Veterans Day.   I was interested in it last year but didn’t sign up, so I made sure to this year.  After the past week, not sure how it will go, but it’s for an awesome cause.   Check this out-

Directly from the race site
Directly from the race site

Today, I just relaxed (slept in!) and took care of some chores.    I now have a clean car and freshly cleaned bathroom and closet.  Though I maybe used a little too much bleach in the bathroom, I am feeling a little loopy.  🙂 I also helped my mother with a chair purchase.  She now has a new “comfy chair”.  Can’t wait to hear what the pops will say when he sees it.

My gear is ready for tomorrow and I am in my comfy chair, sadly or awesomely, watching Battleship for the umpteenth time.   I have no idea why I like this movie so much, even I know it’s cheesy.  But at least the soundtrack is helping pump me up for tomorrow!


Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!


For anyone lucky enough to run the Disney Wine & Dine, I’m jealous!


Anyone else running a Veteran’s Day race?


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  1. Good luck in your race! I have to work today so I’m most definitely not doing a race. I’m not sure there were even any races anywhere near me today.


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